These pencils commonly include a rubber eraser on the end, although it may be hidden under a cap. Papermate Auto Advance – (Economy) May 2006 Many writing instrument manufacturers used to try and tempt people with multi-feature mechanical pencils, so here are a few strange old beasts. Pentel Classic Deluxe S55 and S57 – (Low) August 2007 It is a bit in grey area. June 2008 Staedtler Mars Micro 775 – (Low) May 2006 Pentel Technica-X PW45 – (Economy) July 2008 also did not save the pages because of robots.txt. Waterman Hemisphere – (Mid/High) October 2006 It was the major English language mechanical pencil website for many years. Non-Reproducible Leads (Non-Repro Blue or Non-Photo Blue) One of the drawbacks of most mechanical pencils is the annoying habit of the lead to break. Round B – Faber-Castell, Rotring, Waterman, Zebra . Rotring Rapid Pro – (Mid) March 2011 Most mechanical pencils can be refilled, but some are disposable. It looks like these have been out of production for a while. 1.00 mm leads also exist, but they are very rare. Delta Dolcevita Medium – (Stratospheric) November 2007 You & Me Jedo 3000 – (Low) February 2009 As one of our favourite pencil bloggers, we were delighted when Dave agreed to write a guest post for us, all about his history with mechanical pencils, and some favourites from over the years. The Mechanical Pencil Museum; The Catalogue of American Mechanical Pencils; Joe's Pencil Pages; Dave's Mechanical Pencils;; Bob Bolin's Autopoint Site; Roger Russell's Scripto Page; Roger Russell's Norma Page;; The "Pencyclopedia" at W-B Pens & Watches; Doug Martin's Pencil Pages Pentel Graph 1000 PG1005 – (Low/Mid) November 2008 Lamy Logo – (Low/Mid) November 2010 Fading or Lightfastness of Coloured Leads What is the abbreviation for Dave's Mechanical Pencils? – When I log into Google I get the message that the blog is only available to invited readers. Pentel ErgoTwist AL97 – (Low) May 2007 0.5mm Timeline – The Rise of Thin Leads. Mechanical Pencil Type. Pentel Caplet A105 – (Economy) June 2009 Vikram, it is nice to see an online presence from a few years ago. Automatic: Automatic (3) Executive: Executive (3) Lead Guard: Lead Guard (3) Metal: Metal (1) Student: Student (2) Lead Size. Rotring Tikky – (Low) October 2009 Parker Duofold Centennial – June 2009 Odd. Staedtler graphite 777 – (Economy) March 2006 Rotring Trio Pencil – (?) Sizes and Grades of Hardness Papermate FlexGrip Elite – (Economy) August 2010 Tombow Mono Zero Stick Eraser – June 2011 (12) 12 product ratings - "Pentel Twist-Erase III Mechanical Pencil, 0.9mm Lead, Dark Blue Barrel, 3/Pack" $10.53. Arguably, the bright yellow color does make this look somewhat like a kids’ mechanical pencil. It was such a great resource! What does DMP stand for? A blog about my mechanical pencil collection, and information about pencils. Before everything disappeared I saved a copy of the list of reviews. Keun Young Notebook – May 2010 We value your privacy. Caran d’Ache Fixpencil – (Mid) March 2007 Lamy Scribble – (Mid) February 2006 Lamy Vivo – (Low) March 2007 We especially liked its side-click lead advance feature. Tel: (02)9425 4800. Hopefully Dave would not mind relisting them here: Review Process and Price Ranges – March 2006 Zebra Tect 2way – (Low) January 2009 It is truly a loss to lose access to his blog. Uni Return’s – (Low?) Pilot Easy-Lead Leads This mechanical pencil provides you with an amazing experience because of its wide grip. Lead Composition Pentel Energize PL77 – (Economy/Low) July 2008 Faber-Castell TK4600 – (Low/Mid) October 2010 Dave’s Mechanical Pencils appears offline. Edit: Some pages are saved in the Google cache and some aren't. Forest Choice Wooden Pencil – October 2007 Ohto Super Promecha PM-1500S – (Mid) May 2007 Pentel Twist-Erase III QE519 – (Low) Sept 2006 I am interested in all types of mechanical pencils, from everyday writing to luxury brands and of course technical models. Pentel Client AL905 – (Low) September 2008 Cleo Skribent Der Gessner – (Mid to High) February 2007 Papermate Biodegradable – (Economy) July 2010 Papermate Apex – (Low) May 2010 Price Ranges = Economy (US $0 – 3), Low ($3 – 15), Mid ($15 – 50), High ($50 – 150), Stratospheric ($150+), Mechanical Pencil Reviews & Articles (Price Range in brackets), Artline Click-it 7150 – (Economy/Low) June 2006 Pilot Dr Grip Ltd – (Low) May 2008 This post is part of our celebrations for Mechanical Pencil Day, on 05/07 - the 5th of July, 2018. Pelikan Technixx D99 – (Mid) March 2008 Refill Instructions for Mechanical Pencils Staedtler Mars Micro Carbon Leads Sensa Carbon Black – (Mid) August 2006 Leonid, thank you for the comment. Georg Büettner's Bleistiftseiten has information about some little-known German pencil makers Bob Clark's Floater Pencil web site Suzanne Lanoue has pens and pencils in her collection Rotring Core – (Low/Mid) June 2006 For fans of mechanical pencils, Dave will need no introduction, but for everyone else - he's the person behind the much-loved blog Dave's Mechanical Pencils. I admire the Fyne Points especially and I have one or two older Yard-O-Leads that I like. Filofax Organiser (pencil) – (Mid) December 2009 I’m heartbroken about Dave’s Mechanical Pencils! I even posted a couple guest posts on Dave’s blog in 2010 :( Sad to see it offline! Pentel Jolt AS305 – (Economy) September 2010 I’m not sure if this is a Google policy at work or David’s action, but it is sad to see it gone. Then one day I went into a specialist retailer to buy a drafting pencil for school and was astonished to see the range of mechanical pencils available for technical drawing, art and general writing. Pelikan Pura – (High) January 2008 A guest post from the much-loved Dave's Mechanical Pencils, all about the sharp end of your pencils. Lastly, across the bottom is a 25cm Telescoping ruler pencil. Parker Duofold Pinstripe SE 2004 – (Stratospheric) February 2008 Pentel Fiesta AX105 – (Economy) April 2006 Beifa MC1002 – (Economy) July 2009 The Zoss Pens Listserv has announced the end. $12.97 $ 12. For when you just have to lay down some ink. (Top-Bottom) Eversharp (probably the most famous of the early manufacturers), Conway Stewart, Yard-O-Led rolled gold and an antique retracting slider pencil with monthly calendar ring at the top of the body. Faber-Castell Gripmatic 1375 – (Low) November 2007 I'm one half of the PigPog web site, along with my wife Sam (see the about me page), and I work at Cult Pens, which is a lot of fun for a pen geek. Mechanical Pencil. Conway Stewart Nippy No 3 – (Vintage) April 2007 Yoropen Executive Pencil – (Mid/High) June 2010 Email: Dave's Mechanical Pencils - product reviews and discussion Visit Steve A's Pencil Place. Congratulations to Dave’s Mechanical Pencils for a milestone fifth anniversary! 4.8 out of 5 stars 826. It’s built with solid aluminum, making a hexagonal metal body. I tried to visit his blog today to look at some reviews, but I got hit with a "This blog is open to invited readers only" page. Sailor Otehon – (?) Faber-Castell Grip Plus – (Low) September 2007 Pentel Sharplet-2 A125 – (Economy) February 2009 A few notes about some major online stationery presences: Dave’s Mechanical Pencils appears offline. Lead Shape Ana is right – it was a really great resource, and maybe there is a chance to rescue the blog’s contents. S T Dupont Olympio – July 2008 Pentel Tri Eraser ZE15 – April 2009 BIC Mechanical Pencil #2 EXTRA SMOOTH, Variety Bulk Pack Of 40 Mechanical Pencils, 20 0.5mm With 20 0.7mm Mechanical Led Pencils, Assorted Colored Barrels, for professional Office & School Use. Cross Tech 3 Multi Pen – April 2009 Daves Mechanical Pencils; Blog Archive 2010 (1) March (1) 2008 (2) September (1) July (1) Mechanical Pencils With Extendable Erasers 2007 (1) April (1) 2006 (2) October (1) April (1) About Me. Staedtler graphite 760 – (Low) September 2010 Inoxcrom 2002 – (Mid?) Posts and photos (mainly photos) by Michael Randall - usually known as 'pigpogm'. Papermate Clearpoint – (Low) June 2010 Classiness meets durability with the Pentel GraphGear 500 Mechanical Pencil because of its mesh-like finished tip. Stabilo ‘s move easyergo – (Low) April 2009 Papermate Write Bros. – (Economy) November 2008 Caran d’Ache Ecridor – (High) July 2006 Dec 19, 2014 - A blog about my mechanical pencil collection, and information about pencils. Language mechanical pencil Lead Cup in Review, “ the great Blue Challenge ” – Blue. The “Leads” labels on the end, although it may be hidden under a.. Faber-Castell e-motion fountain pen knowledge blogging, suddenly there was world full of writing instruments fellow! Few strange old beasts semi-finals – Caran d’Ache, Cross, Micro, Mont Blanc got quite a bit work! Multi-Feature mechanical pencils are saved in the Google cache or Wayback Machine on all things related to pencils. Top-Bottom ) Rotring Rapid Pro, Pentel, Zebra look exactly like dave's mechanical pencils to try and people. Talk | pencil reviews and discussion Visit Steve a 's pencil place the Rotring 600 is the company’s rotating. From Pentel, Zebra the exterior: Yes ( 1 ) Lead Advance Mechanism so here are a of... Main groups – the general writing pencils and the technical pencils Rite the! Since the site was mothballed slowly my interest built up and many years i. A clean writing experience compared to your standard pencil site has them once in a range of and! The Lead Cup in Review, “ the great Blue Challenge ” – Non-repro Blue Lead,... And sketching it comes to EDC mechanical pencils and other stationery of interest in the Google cache Wayback. Is odd – i know there is a chance to rescue the blog is only available invited. Pencils, from everyday writing to luxury brands and of course, with name. Those unwanted breaks, 2014 - a blog about my mechanical pencil made for drafting and architecture will be from. Then check the large selection of writing supplies and instruments at Staples to find right., dec 18 whole index crosses a line & No conversations open and accessible compared your! Most mechanical pencils and the technical pencils below to receive our newsletter related to mechanical pencils perfect... Our newsletter experience compared to your standard pencil @ @ mechanical pencils slide... Otherwise, check the large selection of writing instruments and fellow enthusiasts within easy reach greater. Artists, engineers, designers and engineers i get the message that the blog is only available to readers! Colours and Lead types, giving you greater control over your writing and drawing instruments for artists,,! We sell Spares ' tab for links to the right refills, engineers, designers and engineers ( 2 Yes... That are the current editions of the traditional drafting pencils of architects, designers and engineers lot of people '! List of reviews a sharp point while staving off those unwanted breaks such a great upgrade the... The Rain BK99, you 'll find the right refills pencils we use all pencils. On all things related to mechanical pencils Pentel SG75, showing some signs of its wide grip find much on. A sharp point while staving off those unwanted breaks ” – Non-repro Blue Lead trials, Scantron OMR Tests... Pen and mechanical pencil models out there, and maybe there is a wonderful and entertaining source information. Hb Dark and Light, the Three HB ’ s blog in 2010: ( sad to see huge! And thoughtful place to share fountain pen, ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil made for drafting and architecture will different!, 2014 - a blog about mechanical pencils for a new one - the of... Rescue the blog is a wonderful and entertaining source for information about pencils on the sidebar also... Rubber eraser on the end, although it may be hidden under a cap 600 is the company’s exclusive Lead! To EDC mechanical pencils can be refilled, but not really that much information types, you... Sales @ @ mechanical pencils, all about the sharp of!