To start setting up Azure AD … Method 2: Use the Azure AD Module for Windows PowerShell. I also purchased a new top level domain and set that up in office 365. Thank you for contacting us. Initiate a sync of that individual test user by typing the user's username into the "Sync individual users" field on the Azure Active Directory sync page, and click Sync Users. Azure AD groups populated with users to sync. In our domain, we have UPN set up as this: first letter of name and dot, family name (j.smith) but our email is with the full name … After verifying that the sync took place the username did not update on the Office 365 … I've tried to simply change the logon name in AD on prem. Oscar. By default, when we run the AD sync it would automatically generate a default service account. All usernames in azure active directory is with the initial default domain name, Now I want to replace/change all the username to Can anyone please … Set-MsolUserPrincipalName -UserPrincipalName -NewUserPrincipalName When you want to change UPN, first change … I'm trying to figure out how I can update the username of a given user in Office 365. To do it, start the Azure AD sync appliance Configuration Wizard, and then continue through the screens until you see the option to enable password synchronization. In O365, '' includes everyone in the US and Europe...all Company employees, while the AD domain only has EU employees. However, going through the re-configure options it prompts me to login to the existing tenant (the … So we have a need to change the password on one of our service admin accounts. 3. But in actual it did not change. 6. I have changed other attributes on the same user account and that DOES change properly, however UPN does not change. ( here i hoped the Password would allready be synced, but apparently not) 4. then i enable user. 1. However, one of the side-effects of changing that password is that it broke Azure AD password sync. Since my AD UPNs are all of the form .local the sync changed all my Office 365 usernames from to