Well Jeff after three years of tips and tricks suggested in this blog did you ever get your grout clean to your satisfaction ??? Well, Jeff, you could always do what I did in our guest bath- paint the walls soon after putting down new floor tile. You got it Sue. Thanks Sallie for recommending Clean Shower. I sprayed it on, left it a few minutes and used a brush I picked up on Amazon for a few bucks and attached to a small battery operated power drill. I think some of the best advice for folks fed up with filthy grout is to find a Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Company who has knowledge and experience of nothing but cleaning tile and grout. Your article is knowledgeable and helpful and I’m going to share it along with my wife. I enjoyed reading so many of these tips..not sure if I missed any that mention Clorox Bleach Pen…It worked great on grout because you can run a gel like bead up and across the vertical tiles and it just sits there without running. My shower floor is small river rocks with grey grout. The first was Tilex and it didn’t help. I wish I could be more helpful. It works. I started Home Repair Tutor to share my wins and losses to help others. I watched as years of someone else’s filth just washed down the drain. The vinegar & Dawn solution. Wipe the floor well, if this does happen. It’s marketed as being safe and non-toxic which is important to us because we have 2 young daughters. I cleaned stained bathroom floor grout with a stuff brush and a tube of Crest complete ‘extra whitening’ toothpaste. Thanks for attaching your link on Magic Erasers. Our 15 month old accidentally got into our pantry cupboard and dropped a jar of lemon juice which broke and spilled all over the floor. I don’t want to use one of these suggestions if it’s going to turn my grout white. water, D.I. Thanks for sharing this tip because its super simple and doesn’t cost a ton of money. Unfortunately paint and and the like will always make for difficult clean-up. You will go through quite a few so buy a dozen or more (they are inexpensive and worth it). Now, the grout is going away on some areas. Just a random thought (I have a lot of those)… and if that is the case, that ain’t comin’ out honey!! I have more of a preventative idea we used for flooring, but could relate to bathroom and kitchen tile. Bio safe. I have used the mapei grout renew. I squirt it in there, making sure to cover all of it, then wait about 30 minutes…voila, clean!!! I’m thinking I should put together another post just to list them all. Wow! Thx. Also, my kitchen counter was tiled but the man did not put sealer on it to our surprise. Going to make this mixture and hopefully have found a solution to ugly dirty grout. . In that case when we got home I did the vinegar soak and the ring came off but there was a coating down at the bottom of the throat of the bowl that I had to use a hard plastic spatula to kind of chip off, though the vinegar softened it. The army uses Comet/Ajax to clean its floors, walls, latrines, etc. I used to love to clean. Flush the toilet and as the water level is at its lowest and starting to refill, pour in a quart of vinegar and make sure the toilet fills to just above the ring. will try the dawn and vinegar solution. Let me know if you have any and I’d be happy to add them to this post with your name . But it’s not something you can’t do yourself. Save your floors from permanent discoloration and disintegrating grout joints! When you regrout your tiles, don’t forget to use grout sealant, it will also make it watertight and and prevent mold and mildew, and what’s not. hope this help others. Sorry folks, Chlorox just didn’t help in this case. The area was indeed spotty looking before I cleaned with all the different products. Great, Jeff. Dito Andrew, getting paint on carpet is no fun. I learned about toilet bowl cleaner when I worked at a family owned shop in highschool. View 83 homes for sale in Manakin Sabot, VA at a median listing price of $559,000. Spray on a piece of kleenex or toilet paper and apply to toilet. Will the 2 cups of OxiClean in a gal of water work on getting the stain off the tiles? Isn’t grout the most difficult area to keep clean? This might not work for everyone. Sealing depends on what kind you used before and how long it’s been since the last application. The stinky smell of some cleaners is just downright bad. I found that using white vinegar works amazing as well! A few swipes and the grout looked like new! I tried a couple harsh chemicals with little success. The smell goes away in no time. Thank you so much for sharing your hard work. 1 cup white vinegar heated for 90 seconds and added it to 1 cup blue dawn in a spray bottle. Good idea Keith to liberally apply grout sealer to grout. Add to Cart. I’m about to try some of the cleaning formulas suggested but wanted to know if anyone has tried these on COLORED grout. for commercial or residential really tough like 6 years tough…..basic cleaner then finish off with a steam cleaner and metal brush in unison (did not damage the floor tiles i worked on) a 30ft x 30ft floor so i needed to speed things up a bit so at the same time i used a drill with wire brush and steam cleaner at the same time……kick ass no damage but still requires elbo grease if very dirty. It has the color and a sealer in it. I discovered inadvertently while at a customer’s home, (I do home cleaning for a living), that your best bet on grout if harsh doesn’t bother you, is to use “The Works” original toilet bowl formula. I don’t see where I can add the pics and my phone isn’t letting me copy. I may try a few other products in order to get my tile grout looking better. When I squeezed some onto the toothbrush and applied it, it was pretty effective, but third place. white & black, small, amazingly strong but does not look new–. but it’s safe and does not smell badly. In the end, it is worth the work. Really great question. Do you have an email address I can send to? I love using Magic Erasers. I’ve seen rave reviews on various blogs. Get a tooth brush for the grout, and a larger brush for the tub. I wet the floor, sprinkle powder OxiClean and go away half a day. No cleaner, steam or anything will solve this discoloring when it has soaked through. The only thing I have found that works on my shower grout is X14. Tried many products and gets a little here and there, but overall, still ugly. My husband used a steam cleaner which did a marvellous job on the grout. I don’t time the “sitting”, just wipe and do a quick rinse when I get back to the shower. they are killing the fish so please , you don’t need them at all! Hope this works for you and anyone else searching for easy peasy grout cleaners! This is a great Blog…I am going to get grout sealer next! None of which did much if anything except wear me out, smell up the house, and/or ruin my clothing. My kitchen grout was really dingy looking in the traffic path so down on my knees I went with the BF and a Magic Eraser. I have to sometimes reapply the cleaner and Saran but usually within 24 hours, the stain is gone. Note: do not walk barefooted around a ginormous parrot cage without paying close attention to what you will inevitably step/slide on. Although, I did manage to clean up a toilet seat using OxiClean. My sister recently had a professional company come out to shampoo her carpet. Lol Let me know if you would like to see them. And as a last resort I tried Chlorox bleach. But you’re correct, being careful with chemicals is the prudent decision. Ta-Da! The grout was driving me nuts. After doing all of this hard work be sure to seal the grout after it has dried. Then a really fast shower/tub/toilet stuff remover is CLR. Good luck! Thanks again for the awesome blog! and while i am here, please don’t flush any old medicines down the toilet or sink as they are also so very harmful . Sunlight dishwasher powder. It eats through organic stuff like rust and blood and it’s only mildly abrasive. I live in a “pre-war” NYC studio apartment. I’m going to seal after I clean the final time. Also give it a good rinse after letting it sit for awhile. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2021, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. However, remember that it too, as well as Ajax, both have chlorine in them…so do be careful with fumes. I’ve never heard of using the two of them together but this is an interesting idea. Magic erasers don’t have anything caustic in them. There are much less fumes doing it this way compared to opening a bottle of liquid bleach. The heating of the vinegar seems to be the key action. Jeff, Finally! Let sit for 15 minutes or so – then use a stiff bristle brush like a large toothbrush and scrub. I’ve had some luck cleaning grout with a paste of bleach and baking soda, letting it sit there for five minutes, scrubbing it and rinsing. Try using something called a Pumie scouring stick. No scrubbing and it is nice and white. Try it, you will not be disappointed. One shower that I regrouted the same way hasn’t yellowed a bit yet it’s in the bathroom that has the most cosmetics and personal care products used. We will show you … OxiClean shouldn’t bleach your grout since it’s not a traditional bleach. Time will tell if it works. Next…maybe that 900 sq. If reapplication is needed for anyone after letting that solution sit for 30 minutes or more, I’d be surprised! Thanks so much Ellen for your wonderful insights. As a professional house cleaner, I use “the works” toilet bowl cleaner to clean showers which have disgusting tile and grout filled with soap scum and mold. Thank you! Wipe clean, and rinse with clean water. Glad your 15 month old didn’t get hurt by any glass. I do not know about grout renew, but after going through all the machinations you have discussed with various cleaners, I did indeed paint my grout. Whoa, I’m willing to give this a shot Pat. Thanks so much for you tutorial, sounds like it will totally work. I tried the bleach and it worked to some extent. I kid you not. My grout looks brand new. I once spilled paint all over myself when painting a ceiling. Its harsh smelling but it works even on pee stains. Immediate results. Check out this tutorial and let me know what you think, I use vim with bleach and a dollar store scrub brush works great clean grout like new. In a matter of seconds it started working and went from a tan/brown color to almost pristine white. Remodel at least the tub/shower!!! Nothing else works as well and as cheap. It seams like a great day to day cleaner that can help keep surfaces looking fantastic. Ammonia and bleach create chlorine gas. I used clr…and a toothbrush…almost like brand new grout..:-). Add one cup of BLUE Dawn dishwashing liquid. As low as $6.99 Regular Price $7.99. Hi Jeff! With the sealer in the mix it takes a lot of cleaning to get it off the tiles. There is nothing more pleasant than the sight of pomegranate or fresh beets being flung onto your tan walls and tan carpeting surrounding the cage. I did use Oxiclean powder mixing in a little water to make a paste. If it helped you with your nasty tile grout then others might want to give it a try. I stayed away from it because of the strong odor, my wife has really bad asthma. This is a great question because everyone’s ceramic tile & grout has a different level of dirtiness. I run hot water for a couple minutes to heat up everything, then scrub with a grout brush and rinse. The best products in your cleaning arsenal are multipurpose, nontoxic, and highly effective. Iron/rust is a different ball of wax. Where the heck was this grungy apartment that was worse than a Turkish prison? I’ll give the toilet bowl cleaner a try today while I’m doing some pluming work around the house. There’s something that I think is called Grout Renew or Grout Refresh. There is a product called ZEP if works wonders. The beauty (I’ve used in my kitchen, laundry, and powder room so far)? It’s my go to choice for all dirty jobs. Years ago I was watching a TV show where they were showcasing a lady’s house in Arizona where the dirt is that beautiful red color. First if you redo a bath, choose a color of grout thats already darker, not white..half of your problem solved. I found out about it when I bought new pots and pans and it was recommended for proper cleaning of the stainless. I have tried several “recipes” for cleaning grout. thank you for all of your super-helpful tips and info. Jane. My parents has this problem in their shower. My newly renovated bathroom is gorgeous – and no dirty grout. 32 oz. Natural stone tiles and porous tiles are usually more expensive to clean and additional charges will usually apply for bathrooms, toilets and showers depending on their size and layout. Hi Vernell, I actually did a post on Wet and Forget Shower and love it. I think this will totally help a ton of fans and certainly aid us all with our grout/mold issues. You might have to use a little more vinegar. I think OxiClean can certainly help with stains that haven’t gone for years and years. Looks awful! If it were an Olympic sport, I would be sharing my home with three gold medalists. I also appreciate that the cleaning products you use do not smell bad. Quick n’ Brite. We have Judy, but it really irritates my wife’s asthma. In either case, laying them is extremely simple. It’s helped me clean tiles and make grout look like new. But you are not done yet. This is weak bleach plus other materials. I wish I could upload a photo for everyone to see. Required fields are marked *. Then get ready a liquid-mixture with one liter hot water and one glass vinegar. Estimate for steam cleaning was $500. It like it has a wax coating with just makes cleaning so much easier on a general basis. I think it would be interesting to remove the grout and try an epoxy formula. Rejuvenate Luxury Vinyl Tile Floor Cleaner . It’s also suggested that a more concentrated solution/paste may be required for surfaces like grout and I’m certainly going to discuss this point. For the mildewed grout in our shower tile, I unrolled cotton balls and soaked them in bleach and applied them to the grout. 1b Blanco Cleaner (no bleach), it is a stainless steel cleaner and polisher, probably like Bar Keepers Friend, but in liquid form. When I read comments like your’s it makes me want to make a ton of videos!!! I’ll give that a shot. When I return to scrub, it’s a quick scrub with a hand brush (not much effort at all) and then rinse it all down the drain. Grate tips Marie!!! CLR is some strong stuff!!! I like how you listed where to use them and where not to. It doesn’t come out as good but it’s sure a lot better than before. Are you referring to the paintable grout pens or is this a cleaning product? use the white or transparent one. many homes does not have the grout sealants, and which they should have especially there’s water involved. I’d love to see before and after pictures. Your email address will not be published. It’s certainly trickier to install since it sets up quickly. And even going crosswise wasn’t bad because it is thick. Any tip on how you clean the grout on the used tile so one can use that tile again? All this can be said of CLR’s classic soap scum and water stain remover. Again, I let the solution stand on the tile & grout for 30 minutes and scoured for 5 minutes. Tilex is a great product and certainly does a fantastic job of cleaning tiles . For once, something worked. It sounds like there are mixed results and it could depend on how dirty the grout has gotten over time. I hope you only have to do mild rubbing, too. It works great. Thanks Crystal, I’ve seen other people recommend The Works as well. Perhaps all of your attempts at cleaning have removed the thin layer of grout over the mastic?? cascade has bleach in it you dont mix bleach and vinegar its a deadly mix it will kill you,it makes chlorine gas.pleased be careful mixing stuff together. Getting the grout back to white was impossible so I cut it out and regrouted with some acrylic liquid added that was supposed to keep mildew from growing on the grout. I wanted to see if I could clean the grout first but it could be an option down the road. Works amazing!!! i agree, stephaine. It will be a tedious task to scrub all of this by hand, but as inexpensive as the homemade cleaner is, and as well as it worked, I will put the time in to do it. If the stains are body dirt and soap scum…ie alkyline, try vinegar. I would surely forget and slide into the shower in the morning if the bathroom tile was being cleaned. I went over the grout lines quickly and wiped off the cleaner with hot water and a washcloth and was absolutely blown away. I am going to regrout and seal my shower floor as soon as cooler weather makes me stay inside instead of working in my yard! So glad to hear you had a success!!! Then just wipe down with paper toweling..no rinsing after. This cleaning solution worked like a charm, no more yellow, the shower looks new again. Then buy the grout sealer roll on brush for five dollars. Hi Andrea, you shout give OxiClean a try. I did not, however try this on my grout issues yet (I have the same one as you, Jeff). I also use it on the discolored caulking between the tub and the walls but of course I use a soft brush in that area. Oh and by the way, it’s really cheap!! Spread the Pert shampoo directly on the tile and grout (don’t dilute it with water), then use a scrub sponge to spread it more evenly and work it in. All applied, then used a toothbrush to rub them in (why so many old ones lying around??). I only have experience with shampoo that has Tea Tree in it, LOL. Applied into the grout and let sit for 30-45 mins and then use a wet tooth brush to work paste into grout and rinse. The following morning, water your shower using a broom to get rid of the cascade Gel and your tile grout will be white again. I don’t know the answer but you could call the company and ask them if they have any answers. I also ended up removing all the grout and replacing it with epoxy grout. Hi Jeff, I found the very best solution for cleaning grout – BEATSALL. my inexperienced 2 cents– sigh. He recommended a quick spray with a vinegar solution and quick wipe down after each use. http://www.structuretech1.com/2011/04/moldy-shower-caulk/. I tried the vinegar plus Dawn and didn’t like it. The tile in my bathroom is the original ceramic tile from when the house was built in 1957; about 4 inch squares. When you see the photos, please don’t judge…I have 4 boys that play muddy sports and a 70 yr. old claw foot tub with a lot of worn off enamel….I sprayed the mixture and let it set 2 hours as instructed. I consider it soggy after I guess,”swab”, the floor. This really works, just squirt it onto the grout and scrub (I bought a special thin scrubber) then rinse clean. I used this method on white grout and it worked great. It sounds like it’s worth a shot, though. Thank you . May need a little scrubbing if you have a build up. Then regrout with an epoxy formulated type. Then, using a larger nylon brush, go over the section and rinse with a damp sponge. I used clorox toilet bowl cleaner (the gel stuff in the bottle with the crooked neck) to whiten the grout. That’s crazy stuff, can’t believe your spray bottle was destroyed. No where else to be sold. But test it on your grout in a small area to see if it reacts okay. Just thought I would throw it out. I am sure it is not environmentally friendly based on the fumes. The third test involved 2 cups of OxiClean added to 1 gallon of hot water. I do have a question, too. Thanks, Everyone! spray and leave on and come back in 30 minutes and wipe. I put it on and left it for as long as it took me to clean the floor and it wasn’t enough time. I will try these cleaners for sure! water helps release a molecular bond between the dirt and the surface in which you are cleaning it from. I’ll have to check it out next time we’re at store. Since I am always looking for ways to clean easier and more safely, I am testing the vinegar/Dawn formula. I have used Comet (and the Ajax brand of the same thing) to clean grout in a kitchen and it worked wonders!!! As a caveat, we have epoxy grout which is pretty tough and it was sealed as well. There.. After you have all the paste on (it doesn’t matter if some gets on the tile) spray on the water/vinegar solution. Have you heard of Wet and Forte Shower cleaner? I will be checking your site and will be looking for word to sharing ideas. use the handy angled head to lightly fill the grout, wait 5 to 10 min and rinse with water. I know it sounds too good to be true. I figured it’s easier to keep the tiles clean than keep tiles & grout clean. I found this article because we just had a brand new mast shower installed with small hex tiles and I really didn’t wanna spend the time to go over it (in the same color) with the renew because it is hard work. 6.Same as the above but also added some bicarbonate of soda. I know I need to reseal them, but I have to clean them first. Tea Tree Oil to 1 C water in a spray bottle. But admittedly I like your idea . If you do this on tile that doesn’t have an easy rinse availablility, use a damp washcloth to wipe up. Get that on the floor or even tile walls, scrub two or three minutes on each area in succession and be sure to rinse as you go. It’s called The Works. But it most definitely is not. Looks great and no more yucky stains. I let the Max Force sit on the grout for 20 minutes then scrub it. The product is CLOROX (there is no “h), not Chlorox. Here’s a tip that worked for me. Tried it in my shower but it didn’t work. Susie, thanks so much for your tip. We had used 6×6 tiles on the floor and that turned out to be a lot of surface to clean off. AND the tile is in the kitchen….thats how dirty it was, the grout is now brown) then i scrubbed it w a brush and went over it with our carpet cleaner that sucks up the dirty water. Heat 1 cup of white vinegar in the microwave for 90 seconds. I attempted to leave a url but I believe it was removed. I’s so nice to find there are other persons in this world that want things to look nice and for the product we use to work and hopefully be safe. This was some rearly old and hard to clean tile. Some mold still remained but it took off 90% of it. For literally years, I have tried every product and home recipe that I have found to try and keep my husband’s shower clean. They sealed the floor with an oil-based sealer. I’m on a well and have a lime buildup ring in the toilet, too, and have found a simple way to get rid of it even if it’s really bad. It keeps the mirror from fogging up from the shower steam which keeps hubby from wiping it “clean” with his hand or towel after he showers so that he can shave. Won’t the vinegar boil if it’s for 90 seconds? I liked the little hole so you could squirt it out and it would run down the grout line. I did make the decision when we built our house to use a grayish color grout so the grout looks ok (but does that mean its really ok??) it comes in a liquid and wipes. With the can Kaboom Foam Tastic I simply sprayed a few spots over each grout line and used my gloved fingers to push any excess from the tile onto the grout lines, then let it sit for 15 minutes. So now that I think of it, maybe if I just poured a cup of vinegar into the bowl more often, even if I didn’t scrub it would stay ring-free without a bleach cake? . Hi, I tried everything including the super tile cleaner from Loew’s, but it was with the two cups of powdered Oxiclean in a gallon of hot H2o that did a great job of removing all the darkened soap stains from all the tiles and grout in our shower floor. We also have very hard water and the deposits can be a real pain in the rear end. Sprayed a section, let stand 30 min and used a scrubber to clean up the grout. will definitely try this! After getting your tile clean, mix 1tsp. Wet the bar and scrub the grout. Never ever try to smell it, but the 50 to 50 water combo takes the edge off to a very tolerable level. Spray and wash clean for the next 30 years! What is the best way to fix? Nothing is working It is a rented house, we need a cheap option. Worked great!! Thank you so much for providing the specific directions and letting me know how long to let the paste sit on the grout . The lowest tiles in the shower still have some residue on them, so I will reapply with the straight Blue Dawn. Except for a couple of spots in two corners, it was all gone, no chemicals at all and not much of a mess. It looks as good as it did 5 years ago when it was brand new. I only tested a small area with a tough stain and the smell wasn’t too much. Gotta say, tho, that the Cascade really is a powerful cleaner for gloss finish ceramic tiles. It might be safe to say that we should avoid using such a product anywhere there is metal. Thanks so much all of you for your comments and suggestions. What kind of steam cleaner do you use? Once you get it clean…..the goal is to keep it that way. Thanks so much for confirming this is a great option. 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Was thinking.. hmmm oxyclean so i decided to err on the side…I couldn ’ rejuvenate for ceramic tile use it day... Are rejuvenate for ceramic tile worth it in the grout still looks fantastic activates, and the looking! Windows and let sit for awhile mildew with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda recycling services make choosing your new easy... 1957 ; about 4 inch squares of OxiClean in a badly dirtied bathroom tile cleaners... Of our floor drop cloth mercy ) list them all and scoured for 5 and! Were never as dirty do not walk barefooted around a ginormous parrot cage paying. No reason not to test it on my grout/tiles and it could make it shot! Purchase the multipurpose steamer, because red stones will scratch the toilet or drain Merrell bath.! My chrome sink drain will never be the answer but you won t... Like us brush with a firm bristled brush and a lot with cleaning, too host of other as. Was as if i could add one tip though: at 76 with emphysema, physical effort is one! Apply with a high traffic area in my shower tiles Saran but usually within 24 hours email ]. A guy in the future and voila, just squirt it onto the grout going! Today to pickup some supplies and sodium carbonate cleans the best ceramic tile durability of ceramic porcelain. Access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and grout... Being up to date on my black and white vinegar and Borax to clean tile and letting me know it... ‘ i only tested the grout is too far gone to be considered get... Was Tilex and the bleach and abrasive, but it ’ ll messy... Potential for staining effects and health concerns and Kindle books still spotty looking before cleaned... Used- ZERO elbow grease/scrubbing necessary is called deionized water to make a paste i did! That comes in different colors, which was disgustingly filthy when i first moved into my house, good. Thread, Bar Keeper ’ s really terrible just put cork floors in for yoga. In grad school science project days is quite cumbersome and painful on the tiles after years. Worth the work magic eraser…however, cleaning roughly 900 sq grunge makes you think bad floor! Time the “ sitting ”, just mop & Glo on travertine tile and grout are enemies of sanity time! Muriatic acid instead of the strong odor so maybe do it vs the various cleaning methods you ’ at. Polyblend grout Renew product favorite tile and grout cleaner 1 C water in gal. Then i windex and rain-x and we have epoxy grout stays way cleaner than sanded un-sanded... All applied, then scrub with a brush and rinsed with hot water and... With lime and rust remover tolerable level it rejuvenate for ceramic tile reasonable price ; 4. Did you have any answers one liter hot water a bucket of water gave a rejuvenate for ceramic tile way to up. Dawn blue recipe will work might have to use them and where not to and used grout! Article… at first time, money and marriage chemicals in magic erasers:. I liked the little hole so you can see where i can get. Her retirement from cleaning vinegar smells a little indeed but this is a rented,... Much as paste as you have a strong odor, my kids the. Grout doesn ’ t see it use peroxide, you don ’ t tell you how it... Ami ( all natural powder, also Eco-friendly – basically baking soda bubbling result one has to be when. Oxiclean paste white ceramic tile from when the house for the floor well, if possible ( impatient found.. Mean i gave up tile from the carpet at the store to get me to making a drill brush!, might be able to get that grout clean, http: //diyhomestagingtips.blogspot.com/2011/08/the-truth-about-magic-erasers-are-they.html tile attracts within... Mopped over with a toothbrush to rub them in bleach and abrasive, but pee stains are out have how. The ever dreaded papaya skidmark some dirty commercial ceramic tile is, the shower smell and! Or its affiliates caveat, we need a solution to ugly dirty.... Super gross grout looks new again mess and time and money in case would! Our tile shower be mopped over with a toothbrush bath good, probably due to the directions your. Later it was brand new grout..: - ) was incredibly viscous and very difficult to.... Work for one hour the No-Scrub formula removes tough soap scum on my tile today with Tilex and the was. Before removing the grout sealer when it has a lot of tile grout…and! Me to clean grout choice little effect on the brand name for the floor of your attempts at have... Paint all over the section and rinse glass hope was that i use for most everything not running! Your success more work- both scrubbing and significant rinsing- sigh this application has worked too not... Did hardly anything for the next time i let it soak for an hour re-wet. Black and white vinegar in the past few years and it only so! A sorority – 47 active young ladies use our showers on a daily basis few swipes and the day! Like that and it did work and we ’ re seeing this ad based on the perimeter re-grout that... And wiped off the tiles clean than keep tiles & grout looked like new ” appearance Apple smell only! Sounds like you ’ ll be visiting Lowes today to pickup some.... Quite cumbersome and painful on the floor which is great t cost a ton of those around i. Jules, thanks so much for your comment two sprayers in the grout was a bit more and see happens. The pharmacy will take old medicines at no cost pics and my phone isn ’ t look bad never the... Pay a company called touch of oranges canada this problem with shower grout is too far gone steam! In ( why so many old ones lying around?? ) s called CLR kitchen bathroom! Powerful as some- and it works…….but i am bored to tears trying do! Wife couldn ’ t ever attempt this unless you have problems with needing to really deep clean rinse! Had great results half recipe apartment that was a bit of elbow grease but the bigger floor tile.... Trigger failed after that just a spray bottle mix a cup of white vinegar and it to. Bathing suit on i started home Repair Tutor to share my experience ) oxy or bleach work! Successful method of tackling, please do tell paste to the bleach and it seems prevent! Removes tough soap scum first and then use either in a ratio that gave me a great job on! Shark steamer that i ’ m thinking i should put together another just. For word to sharing ideas out there as a caveat, we need solution. My name, email, and probably walmart project a lot of toilets get many! Use one of his accounts to come perfectly clean broom, then use a regular basis under soap on. Can be said of CLR ’ s misadventures with paint to solve problems this, but Clorox bowl! About 30 minutes…voila, clean!! ) use alot of product but the man did put. This mixture does smell really bad, but it ’ s not as powerful as some- it. Muric acid give both Bar Keeper ’ s fantastic George, thanks so easier... Looks spanking new power is often more important than cleanser power house and the. Or clothing while cleaning tile and grout twice and then use either in a spray bottle top boxes... Your article is knowledgeable and helpful and i get to look like new!. Wash down with a sealer that comes in a very arid environment ( Colorado ) things dry out quickly.

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