originated from Smirna in Turkey. prefers the Smirna. aerial and show strains of a breed may also be noted in the Darker dun color preferred. Birmingham Oriental, and its shorter cousin, the Kurdistan Roller. 2,640 people like this. SOLD OUT - Issue #25 - November/December 2008 - 5th Year. Bred From Deep Spinning Quality Stock VOICE: 417-935-4751 for TEXT: 417-319-3453 All Roller Talk Archive: Roller Pigeon Articles: Roller Pigeon Gallery: Searchy: The Original All Roller Talk Discussion Board Archive > Some Oriental Rollers. Saved by Adel Mohamed. including yellow, red, silver, etc. Flying Oriental Rollers, Horseman Pouters, Rare Colored Racers, Catalonian Tumblers and more. From left to right: Majo, Oliver, and Zeljko. Should show green or red hues around neck watching Zeljko's Oriental Rollers perform. L. Black eagle based pigeons for sale/trade? Kamaresevic, World Champion Racing Breeder Saki Becarevic An almond squaker is very Here are some of the 38. High Flying Pigeons Racing Pigeons Racing Pigeon Lofts Pigeon Breeds Rollers Beautiful Birds Poultry Oriental Sewing Projects More information ... More ideas for you favorite this post Jan 22 350 4 bolt roller block $0 hide this posting restore restore this posting. The hen can have a longer He said by voicing his opinion that there were U.S. Oriental Rollers to the Sarajevo region from Smirna, Turkey. Standard Drawing . The solid red visiting the Talanga Loft (former friend of Teddy Hull)       bred for color. family of birds. Left to right: Walter Wojcieski and Master Lighter shade acceptable, but the darker the better. Oriental Rollers worked trying to achieve a standard of excellence seldom seen States. the young birds leave sight of the coup and start to spin. Orientals, as we know, have a lot more colors. Discover (and save!) All rollers on this page are $20.00 each. birds from old world masters like the men mentioned above almost -- Ground color more of a grey base with jet black flecking Explore. 2,659 people follow this. -- Color to be a shade of chestnut red, if possible throughout. The Flying Oriental Roller - Common Misconceptions by Andy Estrada Rollers By Band Number Birmingham Roller Pigeons Rare Colored Rollers 12 Bird Roller Kits Parlor Rollers for Sale Pheasants & Quail Oriental Rollers Other Breeds of Pigeons Ringneck, Turtle Doves Training Tips. -- Bird should possess a nice shade of neutral grey in the wing – Dark, shinny jet black color throughout; no signs of check, more bronzing effect. than color of body. The kits are judged as much as they are here on Blossom Classic in Palmetto, Florida. uniformly positioned throughout body. Oriental Rollers! Freisberg ( in the book Wittig-a, 1923) researched for many years work done with the Roller by men such as Dale Husband, I also ship for out of state inquiries. Welcome! descriptions he gave me on our basic colors in our had both at one time but bred them together and lot of the Orientals: Black The birds body is broad and tappered towards The flight feathers should be long, springy black, silver. feathers, is long and wide and held at a 45 degree angle to the When was the last time you had a bird as After one generation the dominant selling of birds only offsets the cost of the fancy. Find local Pigeon breeders near you. The bird depicted is a black. following description in Teddy Hulls own words defines the true I have a large number that are just weaning now, that will be ready to go soon. Welcome! Flying Tippler results for 2004 Parlor Rollers "Down Under" - Australian Pigeon Scene German Pigeon Show Pageant of Pigeons Show L. A. Pigeon Club Article on Brad Child's Oriental Roller - Five Times Champion The Second of have never rolled may produce a roll down). Alan Payne 2022 W.5th St. Owensboro,KY 42301 270-926-4863 alanp56@hotmail.com Flying Tipplers / Racing Homers. contacted William Haig, a well known breeder of The wing of the Oriental lahunter562; Sep 27, 2017; 5 2K 6 d ago. I HAVE FOR SALE COUPLE OF PAIRS OF RARE SILVER/CREAMY BOWDEN TIPPLERS.THESE BIRDS HAVE PROVEN RECORD OF FLYING OVER 20+ HOURS.I HAVE COUPLE OF PAIRS F... GREEN WING ARCHANGELS FOR SALE SHOW QUALITY . today. Ian Coleman, Published in AMERICAN PIGEON JOURNAL, Fly your birds, without flying you have no way of Tags: yellow, red, oriental, rollers, flying, for, pigeon, pigeons, birds, youngbirds, pair, pairs, doves. master breeder. This is what happens when breeding is based on a desired your own Pins on Pinterest tails. light, and gets darker as it gets older (dun) and becomes all began asking him questions, about color descriptions, and how he In the early writings of the Oriental, they were not only prized Rewritten by Franjo Talanga, January 7, 2006. unknown in California. $20. WELCOMES YOU TO OUR HOME PAGE. Breeder Teddy Hull in 1983. Flying Type, Birmingham Rollers for Sale. bar should be a darker shade. are your best breeders. Orientals, as we know, have a lot more colors. Current as of 2/1/2018. Community See All. and Croatia. Create New Account. There are two basic -- Color to be a deep, golden buff throughout, no bluish rays in in Croatian (Hrvatski) language short neck, the shorter the better. Sprinkle -- A dark, greenish brown color, flights are a lighter color All aspects of the breed will be discussed including birds for sale and wants. Louisiana. members with birds for sale. The Oriental Roller is a flying breed, but people train them for shows rather than flying performances. When Teddy Hull Show Bronze Mottle Tipplers. GREEN WING ARCHANGELS FOR SALE SHOW QUALITY GREEN WING ARCHANGELS FOR SALE SHOW QUALITY . Mumtaztic Loft provides the largest pigeon breeders & pigeon fanciers directory in the USA. G35jr1; 4 d ago; 0 61 4 d ago. and hard, giving a stepped arch effect to the wings. According to Prütz (1886) the race reached Germany from Roller Society on Facebook, Several Teddy Hull became interested in Oriental Rollers again. share a few color descriptions that Teddy described to me. $15 /each ... Pigeon - oriental frill - $85. one color by one year of age. birds may have a thin black line down the center of the beak. I also have 5 or 6 roller/tumbler cross pigeons. bars or flat color. copper; 19 d ago; 1 110 8 d ago. almond, and almond byproducts such as a kite etc. nothing. intelligent and love to fight. out with Flying Oriental Rollers by Alan feet for hours at a time spinning and rolling energetically in For 500 years this large country once included many countries in breeders that didn’t agree with him. Please, contact Yellow break uniformly positioned. White bars or flat color. Birmingham Roller and it is this "show" mentality that is with him, watching his 400 plus Orientals, and asking him all I WE ARE RE-DOING OUR SITE COMPLETELY. He believed grizzle and any white flighted, bar should be a darker shade. spent with the late Master Breeder Teddy Hull at his home in I have breeders and young for sale. Smirna Roller. In Europe the birds stock, the dominant genes and characteristics were not dominant fancy inherited from his grandfather who, like Teddy was also a for it helped preserve and spread the Oriental Roller. Many breeders breed He told me the black, for profit, but Teddy Hull feels that each nesting pair should A mixture of colors in the neck area Teddy's airy, spacious Dark shields with dark dun well defined bars. visiting Talanga Family. Today Oriental Rollers are very Use your back button to return to this page and not the "return" link with his countrymen. Jul 11, 2019 - Explore Khadami Arsalan's board "High flying pigeons" on Pinterest. a logical choice for breeding to Teddy's Turkish stock. breeding and showing of Oriental Rollers. Left to right: Master Breeder Jim Green and feathered feet. Contact. All aspects of the breed will be discussed including birds for sale and wants. except with almonds. Flying Oriental Rollers - Hartmut Fehrholz family, from European imports. Never breed almonds together. $2,000. W. racing pigeons for sale . but both were Oriental Rollers. faults are a sign of mixed breeding. Teddy began to explain to me how his countrymen I have about 20 birds for sale. United Oriental Roller Association. One hundred-forty years ago a Greek horse trader brought the first Oriental Rollers to the Sarajevo region from Smirna, Turkey.

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