The solar cover when installed as it should be - on the water - has no signifigence with regard to the filter (the large tank). Circulating the water would move … Your pool pump is not connected to the grid so you will never pay for grid electricity to power it. If you actually mean can you put the solar cover on the pool surface and run the filter and pump too. By running the pump with the solar cover on, you can save time and money on pool maintenance. #1 If you can't get permission from your electricity network to install as many grid connected panels as you'd like, then you can take the 'off grid pool pump' route. However, it’s not that easy to drain the pool cover off if you have leaves and other debris on the cover. What is the most effective pool solar cover? That’s where liquid covers come in, … The Ultimate Guide To Liquid Solar Pool Covers Read More » In fact, the hotter it is, the better a pool heat pump performs. BTW, the filter does not move the water, the PUMP moves the water. Yes. How Do I Compare Solar Feed In Tariffs In My Area? And you can still claim the solar rebate for these panels even though they are not connected to the grid! This cover drops down into the pool approx. From - In this video Steve talks about the correct way to use a solar blanket on a swimming pool. If you actually mean can you put the solar cover on the pool surface and run the filter and pump too. We provide you not only solar pool cover, but also a lot of information about swimming pool. Personally, with my pool, I need to run it during the day because it gets direct sunlight. Skysolarcover is a professional manufacturer of Solar Pool Cover. google_ad_slot = "8456261537"; 4.0 out of 5 stars 8. Several Various Types Of Swimming Pool Solar Covers. When the water temperature rises, and sunny days grow longer, it can be hard to control algae growth without a pool cover. You have 2 options for powering your pool pump with solar electricity: You can buy a 'DC pool pump' and dedicate 4-6 solar panels to powering it. Hope these can help you. The rest of the pool remains cooler. The solar cover does not interfere with the water circulation of the pump at all and does not get sucked into the skimmer. You Can Remove Liquid Solar Cover, But Why? Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online … ECO-WORTHY Solar Powered Swimming Pool Pump, High-Flow 17000L/H 500W, Brushless Motor, with MPPT Solar Water Pump Controller. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-0353470654494680"; Solar pool pumps will replace almost any AC powered pool pump up to 3 HP and because they get their power from the sun, you will never have an electric bill. 2) Power your pool pump with your grid connected solar system. Although we can’t think of any reason why you’d want to, the only way to remove liquid solar cover from your pool water would be to drain the pool and refill it, and no one wants to do that if it can be avoided. Can you run your pool filter with a solar cover on it. The pool pump's panels will not be connected to the grid so no one can stop you adding those panels. Either by your pool pump, or your other appliances or if you still have excess solar - it get's exported to the grid for a. The earliest you can reasonably expect to use your solar and have it hold overnight is mid-May, and that’s if we have unseasonably warm weather AND you use a solar blanket/ solar rings to hold the heat in at night. Just be sure you have a big enough solar system to power your pool pump as well as the rest of your house. This is the most efficient use of your solar power because all the solar power generated is either consumed or exported to the grid. It seems like a fantastic way to save money on what is often the second biggest energy hog in a typical Florida pool home (after air conditioning). FREE Shipping. But you may not need all the heat of a pool heater and you may not want the added cost. You don't need to pump 24/7 to keep your pool water in good condition as you can see from this pool. Whether you need perfect pressure, healthy drinking water, protection from fire and flood, a clean, relaxing pool or spa, or water to run your farm or business, you can depend on Davey for the right solution. But there are 2 situations where an 'off grid' pool pump makes sense. On overcast days your pool pump may draw power from the grid. Find a Dealer Contact Us Mike is correct. Do not use the cover immediately after shocking the pool. Solar pool covers offer an addition cool to the pool and thus when the temperatures are high it offers a cool feel. If your panels are not producing enough energy to power the pool pump for long enough then you need to add more panels - the grid cannot top up the energy. Solar Pool Covers also keep debris and dirt out of the pool. With a solar cover on the surface of the water – only the top two feet of the water is warmed. /* 728x90 */ Have I been sold a dud? To get your quotes, please enter your postcode: Using and maintaining an existing solar system. BTW, the filter does not move the water, the PUMP moves the water. Come May, let er rip and run that pump 11am to 5pm and get the pool to a comfy 86 (the older I get the warmer I like it!) No need to change your pool pump, or run wires from the panels to your pool pump. 98. This will mean you can probably reduce your solar system size by at least half. If you are producing more solar energy than your pool pump needs to maintain the water - it goes to waste because the panels are not shared with the rest of the house. You have 2 options for powering your pool pump with solar electricity: 1) Take your pool pump off grid. The pump is the only piece of equipment that you would be used to run th ewater thru the filter. The water will circulate as normal and be filtered while still retaining heat. The pool pump will run less in winter and more in summer - which synchronises well with swimming season. My first bill since getting solar has arrived, and I'm disappointed that the solar number is so low! The solar panels are wired directly in to the pool pump (via some power electronics) and when the sun is shining your pool pump will run. 8 to 12 hours will be enough depending on the water temperature, amount of debris (dust, leaves etc) and the bather load. Will my panels still work on overcast days? Even a higher horsepower solar pool pump (filtration pump) is not suitable due to the varying flow generated from such pumps. Ready for some quotes? If you are considering a solar powered pool pump, this article is for you. When Is The Best Time To Close Above Ground Swimming Pool For The Winter Season? The pump is the only piece of equipment that … You should also notice a smaller clorine usage when the leaves dont fall in. A solar pool pump is simply a pump with an electric motor that runs on DC power produced by solar panels to circulate water in your pool. Only 15 left in stock - order soon. With a solar cover on the surface of the water – only the top two feet of the water is warmed. Or if you are doing a chemical treatment, and you want your chlorine level up really high, add it at night to prevent that natural burnoff. For example you may run it from 11am-1pm over winter and 10am-3pm over summer. A pool solar cover is also very effective in … You can buy a 'DC pool pump' and dedicate 4-6 solar panels to powering it. Can I use my Fronius Inverter to charge my Electric Car with excess solar? The rest of the pool remains cooler. The worst choice is to do nothing. Further the panels connected to the pool pump do not count towards the maximum number grid connected solar panels that you can install. It is perfectly safe to run the pool pump while the solar cover is on the pool. I have a 5kW inverter but my system has never produced more than 4.6kW ! The purpose of running the pump either with the cover on or off would be to move or circulate the water. Pool Pump Parts Pool Heater & Heat Pump Parts Shop All >> ... DIY TIP: By keeping the cover off your pool during a storm, you will prevent unwanted damage and avoid having to deal with a difficult removal if the cover is full of water and debris. How can I protect my solar power system from lightning strikes? If that pump can be replaced with one that doesn't require electricity from the grid, the pool owner can use that savings to pay for the cost of a solar powered pool pump. //-->, Solar Pool Cover Protects Your Good Times. The pump house is at the far end of the pool. Think about it. You need the pump to run during the day when the sun is shining, so take advantage of cheap solar that works out at less than 5c per kWh over the life of the system, and never worry about the expense of powering your pool pump again. You will need a good sized solar power system to power your home and pump ( I recommend at least. 6-8 inches by design. A solar blanket, solar rings or liquid solar cover are never going to keep your pool as warm as a gas or electric pool heater. It provides a shade for you and other swimmers or users of the pool. This keeps you cool and the pleasure of using the pool at any time of the day. In those cases, a solar pool cover is way better than using nothing at all. Solar covers helps draw in natural heat from the sun Covers create a barrier between the surface of your water and the atmosphere, which helps you hold on to all the water that would otherwise evaporate Solar covers help retain heat, which helps you run your pool heater less (minimizing energy use) Stack Exchange Network. If you can put an amount of solar panels equal to at least 50% of the pool surface area, and mount them in a southerly direction, you’ll have more heat than you can imagine. The system shown here costs less than $5,000. So plan on opening the pool about a month before normal, or when the water temperature rises into the 60’s. Staff. Then yes you can do both. Circulating the water would move that warm water and mix it with the cooler water. Solar pool heater panels are ugly. Classical Strong Blue/blue and Green/green Solar Pool Covers Solar Blanket, Original Heavy-weight Clear Solar Pool Covers Solar Blanket, Durable High-efficiency Transparent/black, Blue/black and Black/black Solar Pool Covers Solar Blanket, Slap-up and Durable Blue/silver and Blue/golden Solar Pool Covers Solar Blanket, Above Ground Pool Solar Cover Roller System, In Ground Pool Solar Pool Cover Mobile Roller System, Comment Retroussez une couverture solaire, Warming Your Pool with a Solar Pool Covers. However, when you heat pool water with solar panels, before the cleaned water returns to the pool, it passes through pipes leading to a solar collector. Do not place cover on grass or plants—it will burn them up. There is no application for pumps this small in a solar pool heating environment. It’s cheaper to run the pool pump at night. the filter. If possible, the best option is to simply power your pool pump from your home's regular supply. A liquid solar pool cover is an invisible pool cover that can take the place of those bulky bubble wrap covers that can be cumbersome to use.Those plastic solar covers work great, but because they can be a hassle, a lot of pool owners don’t use them like they should. How do I know if my solar system is producing what it should be? This is because they use an evaporator coil and fan to draw in natural heat, then convert into a hot gas for heating your water. Although pool heat pumps don’t actually collect solar energy with panels, they do harness solar heat. Tip: You can run your pump as usual with liquid solar cover in the pool. The purpose of running the pump either with the cover on or off would be to move or circulate the water. You can cut the time it runs as the water gets colder. By running the pump with the solar cover on, you can save time and money on pool … When you use a regular swimming pool pump, water is pulled out of the pool, pumped through a filter for cleaning and returned to the pool. It is safe to run the pump and filter system while the cover is in place on the pool. Enter your postcode now. Powering a pool pump with grid electricity at 30, 40 or 50c per kWh is madness. Solar Cover is very popular. Simply install regular solar and set your pool pump timer to run as close to midday as possible. A high volume DC solar pump can run solar panel direct during daylight hours to keep your pool in good condition with no energy expense. While the water is still below 65° F, you can run the pool pump less, 4-6 hours per day, to maintain clear water. You need a lot more horsepower to generate the flow required for effective heating and the pressure required to close the vacuum relief valve. If you buy a decent sized solar system for your home (6kW+), then that will be able to easily power your pool pump except on really overcast days. What third party energy monitoring solution should I buy? If you actually mean can you put the solar cover on the pool surface and run the filter and pump too. How do I run my pool pump on solar power? $500.98 $ 500. #2 If you can't get enough panels on your roof to power your home and your pool pump, then the pool pump's panels could be mounted on a structure close to the pool and directly connected to a DC pool pump. How often and what should I use to clean my panels? You can reduce your swimming pool heating costs up to 70% using a solar cover because solar radiation is directly converted into usable heat and could potentially heat the water by 5 degrees for each 12 hours of coverage. I am moving house - can I take my solar system with me. Yes you can and there are some solid reasons to do so. They protect your good times, and save thousands of energy and resources of our earth. If you have a swimming pool cover pump you will want to drain the pool cover with it (as mentioned above). google_ad_height = 90; For 85 years so far, Davey has been manufacturing products that help protect and enhance people’s lives. As long as the cover does not block an inlet, there is no reason that would stop you from running the pump. The solar panels are wired directly in to the pool pump (via some power electronics) and when the sun is shining your pool pump will run. google_ad_width = 728;