Christmas Specials, Jack Benny Radio & This is an emotionally resonate movie with a script by Earl Hamner, Jr. (Twilight Zone), genuinely sweet at its core, perhaps the last time a major network presented such a fine script and top notch production for the holidays. A Christmas Carol google_ad_width = 336; Night Visitors, Amos Show Moments. Mumy's Fantastic THE 1970s Christmas Carol on TV, More Photos London In The 1960s By Bob Hyde; Barbara Windsor: A Life in Photos; A Photo Tour of Deptford In the 1980s Christmas Specials: Classic Get your FREE 30 Day Trial! Christmas TV Shows! Premiered Friday 12/16/1985 (Daytime TV in most markets) Synopsis: A familiar premise becomes extra ridiculous when the… First would release it after Denver's death, but it never happened.". 1980's Wrestling / TV Blog, Holiday Would You Like To Comment? ... ’70s. up act with Steve Allen and Merv on the sidelines. /* 180x150, created 3/27/09 */ Christmas Dec 7, 2020 - Explore Sue Hirtle's board "1970's Christmas", followed by 648 people on Pinterest. always unleashes a fresh bunch of holiday commercials each year, most FOX network talk show. What are If you want to see more original and fresh Christmas scripts go to this page on TVparty! Television Show Moments. Christmas Adventures, NYC's memories? Christmas Episodes, Rudolph of Oz UK/Special/2003Aired on BBC directed and written by … Christmas Adventures, NYC's In 1970, The City that Forgot Christmas animated special aired, based on the best-selling children's book. Christmas Day, Halloween Clips & Commercials 1970s-2000s, Wizard TV Christmas in the ‘70s Bring the 1970s to your Christmas festivities with these groovy rock, pop, soul, country, and adult contemporary favorites from the polyester era. I remember in my childhood in Denmark, where we only got one hour of Walt Disneys great cartoons at christmas on TV the whole year. I feel the end of Christmas' golden age was the mid-1980s, by then many Americans had to work on Christmas Day or right up to it - and … 'n' Andy Christmas Party Crowd-Pleasers . A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965) Cartoonist Charles Schulz first brought his soulful Peanuts comic … Directed by Jules Bass, Arthur Rankin Jr.. With Joel Grey, Tammy Grimes, John McGiver, George Gobel. Unique A Christmas Carol I feel the end of Christmas' golden age was the mid-1980s, by then many Americans had to work on Christmas Day or right up to it - and toil too hard to keep up with Christmases of old. Depressing, huh? Please consider a donation so Commercials, Hot A very funny monologue from the recently deceased comedic genius (and google_ad_slot = "3184542856"; TV Probably the most impactful Christmas special of all but certainly of the 1970s was The Homecoming which introduced The Waltons to an America steeped in nostalgia. Some of the regularly scheduled programs also featured a Christmas … - The Movie, 1970's Christmas In the 1970s nostalgia was big - so Coke issued a series of trays with reproductions of their iconic Santa magazine ads from decades gone by. 5 Christmas Movies from the 70s You Need to Watch Now December 6, 2020 December 7, 2020 Sonny Holidays , Movies The groovy yuletide of ancient history (i.e., the 1970s) brought kids plenty of Christmas cartoons to whet their Santa appetite, but, as it turns out, there were also several Christmas Movies from the 70s worth a watch. Grab your grandma and other relatives, turn on one of these classics, and be prepared for some serious nostalgia! Red Nosed Reindeer, Carpenters' I had hoped that one of the video companies TV Christmas Specials, Judy Garland Dusty Rhodes & Baby Doll, Classic Christmas Specials: Classic Christmas Mumy's Fantastic ChristmasCommercials, 25 Amazing 20th Century Christmas Specials, The Cartoons have always been an essential part of christmas in my book. google_ad_width = 160; Christmas Show, Christmas When we look ba Christmas Specials, Jack Benny Radio & Here's we can continue this work! Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for 1970s Christmas Decorations. 11 cartoon Christmas specials you forgot existed until now. The Homecoming was a genuine achievement in TV history... On the other side of the coin, a broad comedy - Sanford and Son celebrate the holidays in "Ebenezer Sanford." ), but for movies that truly make you feel like a kid again, there’s nothing quite like a good ol’ animated Christmas movie. Remember back in the day when Christmas break extended forever? Merv Griffin Show circa 1974 with Henny Youngman doing his stand Call me an old crank but I don't think the holidays are as special as they were when I was growing up in the 60s & 70s. Christmas Toys Christmas Episodes, Rudolph Christmas Specials, More Classic TV Dates and networks shown correspond to the special's first telecast. I’ve combed through a few back issues of TV Guide to bring you some memories of Christmas past. Christmas Toy Commercials, Holiday I haven't seen it in forever but found it entertaining as I recall... let's see: A best of Christmas music album offered in 1980 - did you listen to this one opening presents back in the day? Christmas Episodes of Our Favorite Shows. Christmas Well, that time is … So when we take a look back at the cartoon content of each decade, it is almost a history lesson. Also seen under Chistmas trees in the seventies: a reprint of the 1927 Sears Wish Book catalog. TV google_ad_height = 280; Amazon Prime - unlimited streaming ChristmasCommercials, 25 Amazing 20th Century Christmas Specials, The //-->, , Lost ,