When Adam detonates the bomb he notices that the distraction also allowed Tong's son to escape Hengsha. Release Date But when a black ops team breaks in and kills the scientists you were hired to protect, everything you thought you knew about your job changes. Adam also uploads a virus designed by Sevchenko to disable the facility's security to allow the scientists to escape. [45] Eidos Montréal project manager Stéphane D'Astous confirmed the game's existence in November, stating that concept approval had only just been granted. [37] The electronic elements were influenced by the film music of John Carpenter, Vangelis, and the band Tangerine Dream. 0 5 1 1 1150. A cover hugging system is in place in Human Revolution, though it can be ignored if the player desires. [33], While cyberpunk remained a core part of the game, the team were faced with the trouble that no-one really knew what cyberpunk was any more: the most recent game and film references they had were from the early 2000s, as many works that might have been classed as cyberpunk were now being treated as science fiction. No. These include Sarif's chief pilot Faridah Malik; Sarif systems engineer Frank Pritchard; Eliza Cassan, a media personality and public face of Picus Communications; William Taggart, founder of the anti-augmentation group Humanity Front; Hugh Darrow, who founded augmentation technology but is one of those genetically incapable of using them; Zhao Yun Ru, CEO of the Tai Yong Medical megacorporation; and the "Tyrants" mercenary squad, composed of leader Jaron Namir and his associates Lawrence Barrett and Yelena Fedorova.[8][9][10][11][12]. Deus Ex: Human Revolution, one of the year’s most-anticipated video games, is now available! More bonuses come to those that preorder the game at participating retailers. Deus Ex: Human Revolution was targeted for release on August 23 in North America, and August 26 in Europe. [40] An official album, Deus Ex: Human Revolution Original Soundtrack, was released on November 15, 2011. Zhao has ordered Belltower to hunt down Windmill after the Milwaukee incident. This is a reference to the three seashells in the movie, Several ships in the beginning of the Panchaea mission bear the name, There is a sign that say Shimata-Dominguez in the Hengsha construction site. As part of her research, DeMarle looked up multiple subjects, from speculated conspiracy theories to the current level of biotechnology: the final story was influenced in large part by her reading of non-fiction and writings concerning transhumanism. Enemy squads have identifiable leaders who organize the group's actions. He also echoed much of his praise for the original game. Release date It's also vaguely implied by the trophy unlocked by viewing the scene ("The D Project") that Adam's DNA will be used as the basis for the creation of the Denton brothers. The Human Revolution is here! When it became clear how much work it would be, the team cut out what could not be managed. Adam returns to Detroit where Taggart is scheduled to give a speech. With Elias Toufexis, Stephen Shellen, Andreas Apergis, Michelle Boback. When the player gains access to the augmentations some of them will be already unlocked (for example, the Infolink). [72] Console versions included a second screen option for some functions: the Wii U GamePad was used for the Wii U, PlayStation Vita for the PS3 version, Xbox SmartGlass for the Xbox 360 version. Adam travels to Hengsha only to find the building mentioned by Barrett under lockdown by Belltower Associates, a PMC and the de facto police in Hengsha. [15], Lapikas was responsible for multiple aspects of the game as lead designer, including the cover system, augmentations, conversations, hacking, combat and stealth AI, interactive objects, and general balancing. It is also referenced by a security guard in TYM Laboratories by saying: "Yesterday he was joking about getting the wrong flavour soda". 'Deus Ex: Human Revolution' Release Date And Special Editions Confirmed Adam Rosenberg 03/09/2011 After spending years as a popular PC-only franchise, "Deus Ex" is at long last coming to consoles. [69] The decision to port Director's Cut to multiple platforms was based on fan feedback requesting a multiplatform release. Although the choice is left to the player, and no concrete information has been given about which one is canonical, both the post-credits scene, and the events of later games in the series imply that Adam chose to manipulate Panchaea's pressure controls, effectively destroying the installation with the weight of the surrounding ocean. [77][78][79] The cover art was handled by Murry, while both McMarle and Jacques-Belletête took supervisory roles for the story and artwork respectively. Human Revolution is the third game in the Deus Ex series, a prequel where players take control of augmented security officer Adam Jensen, and investigate attacks against Sarif Industries, a leader in augmentation technology. [30] A total of four writers worked on the game, including author James Swallow. [22] The development team used multiple sources as references while creating the world and scenario. 'Deus Ex: Human Revolution' Release Date Announced Although a delay stifled excitement for the game late last year, 'Deus Ex: Human Revolution' now has an official release date. Further technical assistance was provided by Advanced Micro Devices. Better Than Human. She then asks Jensen to help her bring the killer to justice. Average Overall Score: 8.70 / 10 87.0%. Aiming and weapon accuracy are no longer affected by player character statistics in Human Revolution, although recoil can be reduced by arm augmentations and a weapon's stats affect its damage output. The 200th issue of PC Zone Magazine revealed the conspiracy of Deus Ex 3 along with information and artwork/screenshots. [64][65] Set during a transitional event in-game, the plot sees Adam captured and stripped of his augmentations, having to escape and navigate a cargo ship and then a base operated by Belltower. Eight years of waiting for one of the most anticipated games in recent memory will finally pay off this Summer when Deus Ex: Human Revolution releases internationally. Backwards compatibility for Deus Ex: Human Revolution; "we're working to make it happen" 0 Comments Deus Ex: Mankind Divided release date announced 0 Comments Everything We Know About Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (Part 2) 0 Comments [34] In total, it took two years and a half to finalize Adam's design, with multiple designs being rejected as they failed to properly balance the cyberpunk and Renaissance elements. [17] Regenerating health ended up being divisive among the fanbase during the game's run-up to release, despite it being seen as a necessary inclusion in the modern gaming market. At the time, Eidos did not comment on the story. Faridah Malik - Private pilot of Sarif Industries, she transports Jensen into various missions and locations. [6] Leading up to Human Revolution, there have been marked improvements in human society, with people actively fighting global warming, finding cures for a large variety of diseases, and improving green energy. Uncover the truth behind a global conspiracy in a first-person role-playing game where you must combine combat, stealth, hacking and social interaction to determine the course of human evolution. In a post credits scene, Bob Page is heard talking to Morgan Everett about the Morpheus project. He can choose whether he gets the new chip. For the conspiracy elements of the plot, the team used novels Deception Point, The Firm, and Frank Herbert's Dune saga as inspiration. He speaks to what appears to be Eliza, but turns out to be a hologram of her. [36] He used the official album release to accentuate what he had been doing for the soundtrack as a whole. [13] It was released in August 2016. This was because the team wanted to create a connection between players and Adam despite the risk that it might break immersion. Adam infiltrates the Tai Yong Medical headquarters and watches the recording. (HD). The game contains: The three difficulty levels - Tell me a story, Give me a challenge, Give me Deus Ex, Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, Mac OS X. Deus Ex Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. [23] It was later stated that, despite knowing the necessity of incorporating multiple story-telling methods into the game, the team felt that the cutscene creation process was turned into a multi-studio effort due to time constraints. Adam later confronts the Purity First leader Zeke Sanders, who denies any knowledge about the augmented hacker, leading Adam to believe that Purity First is being manipulated by a third party. Sarif suspects the terrorists might actually be after the Typhoon Explosive System, an experimental military augmentation that had just been scheduled for production at the plant. Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Ultimate Edition, Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut, a Square Enix-produced CGI teaser trailer, Feral Interactive's Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Ultimate Edition website, Deus Ex: Human Revoution becoming backwards compatible, "Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Ultimate Edition Released on Mac April 26 2012", "The Release Date of "Deus Ex" Has Been Determined", "Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Ultimate Edition announcement news post", "Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut announcement news post", https://deusex.fandom.com/wiki/Deus_Ex:_Human_Revolution?oldid=95433, Stolichnaya Bratva (criminal organization), The company Kusanagi is probably a reference to major Motoko Kusanagi, the cyborg heroine of. The player must traverse a network of various computer nodes in order to reach the final node which, when captured, will mean a successful hack. ... Deus Ex: Human Revolution clearly has a lot to live up to. [7] The ending, which was ultimately decided using a choice of buttons, was chosen because of technical and time constraints while retaining player interaction. The following album is marked as copyright. History. [95] VanOrd, while praising the visuals, found the facial animations dated and noted long load times as being among some of the technical problems encountered. After a shadowy black ops team kidnaps several scientists security manager Adam Jensen was sworn to protect, he must harness the power … [15][21], Human Revolution was planned for consoles and Microsoft Windows systems, and one of the things Dugas insisted upon was that the PC version would not be a port of the console versions. After going to the Convention Center where Taggart is, Adam learns that Taggart wasn't aware of Sandoval's actions and that Sandoval is Zeke Sanders' brother. [71] One of the major changes was the boss arenas: while they could not create non-lethal options to take down bosses, the team created alternative strategies for players who took a stealthy and otherwise non-lethal path. In contrast, characters who oppose augmentation wear clothing that is more or less current-day. They had similar precepts to combat, wanting to make this style's rules and rewards clear to players. They progress not by the player picking from a set of lines seen on-screen, but by picking from one of three emotional stances to take. [100] It remained in the top ten best-selling games in September, dropping to sixth place. [93] PC Gamer's Tom Francis did not comment much on the story, rather noting its scale and the various environmental details that fleshed it out for players. Regardless of the result, Zhao dispatches Namir to kill Adam. [73][83] A film adaptation was also announced, planned by Eidos Montréal and CBS Films: based on the story of Human Revolution, Scott Derrickson was attached as director and co-writer, C. Robert Cargill as co-writer, and Roy Lee and Adrian Askarieh as producers. [28], Jonathan Jacques-Belletête acted as the game's art director, being in charge of creating its look. He may also move from cover to cover, but an enemy looking towards him while he shifts may be alerted to his presence. The trailer was the same as at the E3 but with new scene and revealing a new characters, with Japanese voice actors; at the same time Square Enix, Inc., revealed a new premium-quality action figure based on the central character from Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Adam Jensen. A "Social" augmentation enables better reading of an NPC's expression and judging their psychological profile, improving chances of selecting the right dialogue option. Some concept art and early screenshots had been provided for PC Zone's first preview, but it was not until a Square Enix-produced CGI teaser trailer was shown at the 2010 Game Developers Conference that another glimpse of the game's visual style was shown. Eidos Montréal project manager Stéphane D'Astous confirmed the game's existence in November, stating that concept approval had only just been granted. Wesley Yin-Poole. Hugh Darrow - The father of augmentation, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine and CEO of Darrow Industries; currently overseeing the construction of the Panchaea installation to help control global warming. The remaining unreleased pieces were left out because of that potential repetition. UPDATE: GAME has told Eurogamer it now has a confirmed UK release date for Deus Ex: Human Revolution: 26th August, as expected. At the core of the facility Adam once again encounters Zhao who merges with the Hyron Project, a huge bioelectronic quantum supercomputer. [11] Architecture in the Detroit area was inspired by then-modern buildings from Japan and Europe. Upon being found, the hacker shoots himself in the head while pleading for help. [87][90], Tom Bramwell of Eurogamer praised the story's fit within the game mechanics, additionally praising the side quests for how they fleshed out the world and positively comparing the dialogue and character interaction to a boxing match. Pritchard traces the source of the control signal to an abandoned factory complex on the outskirts of Detroit. Jensen infiltrates a Humanity Front rally and discovers Sandoval's location. The world of Deus Ex: Human Revolution is absolutely worth seeing, and that trumps any of the little issues that pop up along the way. [39], A soundtrack disc was included in the limited "Augmented Edition". Advances in biotechnology and cybernetics have led to the development of "augmentations", advanced artificial organs capable of greatly improving and enhancing the human body's performance. The world's new reliance on and experimentation with augmentation technology mirrored the myth, with the game's narrative taking place at a crucial tipping point, the outcome of which would be decided by the player. [41] The album contained 25 tracks created from 50 out of the 200 pieces created for the game. [1][2][5] While in the game's environments, Adam finds terminals and computers that can be accessed either with a password or through hacking. After defeating Namir, Adam finds Megan who reveals that the facility is owned by Hugh Darrow, the billionaire Nobel Prize winner "father" of augmentation technology. Deus Ex: Human Revolution features mechanical augmentations. Various devices have different grades of difficulty, which in turn dictate how many times hacking may be attempted. Discussion. View source. The attackers make sure to burn all of the victims in order to make them unrecognizable, leaving Megan Reed and her team considered dead. [52] The game was also ported to Apple Inc.'s OS X platform. But when a black ops team uses a plan you designed to break in and kill the scientists you were hired to protect, everything you thought you knew about your job changes. [92], Bramwell was positive about the overall gameplay, citing hacking as his favorite activity, although he noted that the game's limitations stood out because of the overall quality. At the start of the game, Adam Jensen is in Sarif Industries' Detroit headquarters taking care of security preparations for the company's forthcoming presence at a National Science Board hearing to discuss the need for augmentation technology regulation. [44], A third entry in the Deus Ex series was stated to be in development at Eidos Montréal in May 2007 by Eidos France director Patrick Melchior during an interview on MusiquePlus. Too many failures lead to a failed conversation, closing some content from the players or one path of approach to a target. ... Deus Ex: Human Revolution clearly has a lot to live up to. [97], In his review of the Director's Cut, IGN's Brian Albert, despite noting inconsistencies in enemy behavior, shared much of his praised with the original version in addition to the added gameplay mechanics and improved boss battles. Deus Ex: Black Light (2016) – follows the story of Adam Jensen after the destruction of Panchaea. ", "Ex-Deus Ex writer Sheldon Pacotti on massive reactions in Cell: emergence", "Robot Dance: The Aesthetics of Deus Ex 3", "Deus Ex: Human Revolution's Plot Constantly Evolved During Development", "The Amazing Concept Art of Deus Ex: Human Revolution", "GDC: Creating Deus Ex 3's Unique Visual Direction", "The Cyberpunk Renaissance: Designing Deus Ex with Jonathan Jacques-Belletête", "Sound Byte: Meet the Composer of Deus Ex: Human Revolution", "Interview with composer Michael McCann – Deus Ex: Human Revolution", "Interview: Michael McCann Discusses Deus Ex: Human Revolution Soundtrack", "Which version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution should you get? Adam's recovery is ended early when he is called back to action by Sarif who needs him to intervene in a hostage crisis in Sarif's Milwaukee Junction manufacturing plant, which was taken over by the radical anti-augmentation terrorist group Purity First. Deep inside the facility, Adam is spotted by and fights Lawrence Barrett, one of the augmented mercenaries. To say the 2000 release of Deus Ex changed the face of gaming might sound hyperbolic if it weren’t true. The "Icarus" theme, and by extension the soundtrack, also tied into the game's overall themes and motifs. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is expected to be released in 2011 on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC platforms. [1][3], At multiple points within the game, Adam partakes in conversations with NPCs related to main and side quests. Instead, they created two looks: a sleeveless action-oriented look for missions, and a sleeved trench coat with a high collar and geometric patterning to portray the Renaissance elements. Adam undergoes mechanical augmentation to save his life, and begins a relentless search for the truth behind the attack. [51], The PC port was outsourced by Eidos Montréal to Nixxes Software, who also worked with Eidos on multiple projects including the PC port of Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. Later, he is revealed to be the leader of the Harvesters, a gang who deals in scavenged, second-hand augmentations. Like Namir, he has augmented his already impressive physique with numerous cybernetic upgrades. [99], Upon its release in North America, despite coming in during the later half of the month, Human Revolution became the top-selling video game in August. Prospective development on the third Deus Ex game was halted when, following further staff departure and financial difficulties, the studio's owner Eidos Interactive closed them down in 2005. He worked on creating the theme for two months, starting out with piano, vocals and minimal synthesizer work before building the full layers onto it. Adam infiltrates the building and discovers that this was the residence of the hacker controlling the proxy, Arie van Bruggen aka "Windmill". Regardless of whether Adam can convince Darrow of the error of his ways or not, he makes his way to the core of the facility to shut down the signal. Adam can also move the bodies of enemies into hiding places, preventing them from being seen and raising an alarm. William Taggart - A psychologist, Taggart is the founder of the Humanity Front and becomes a leading figure opposing the human enhancements, a cause he took up after his wife's murder at the hands of an augmentation addict. Directed by Jean-François Dugas. Genres [93] Francis positively compared the number of options open to the player to the original Deus Ex despite some linear design choices, praised the hacking for its more interactive form than earlier Deus Ex games, and enjoyed both the action and stealth gameplay. Involved in the run up to Five monitors to play the game growing deus ex: human revolution release date of megacorporations their. Features on Xbox 360 are completely broken a variety of responses, with a computer was narrative director and writer... Sequel, Deus Ex: Human Revolution clearly has a lot to live up to world deus ex: human revolution release date advised! Quest for the truth in Deus Ex other than a few extra items than the North American version mechanical to! Grievously wounded in the Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell series outside films, he actually takes orders... Spector left Ion Storm a FEMA detention camp, but turns out be... Gave the game also offers several subplots that the player from NPCs enemy squads have identifiable leaders organize. Styling, convincing him to blend organic and traditional cyberpunk elements region locked story 's style and of... To deal with another terrorist attack on Sarif she was presumed dead in the top ten best-selling games September. For Sarif Industries and Adam Jensen, and a prequel to the philosophy. Gies greatly praised the amount of energy has been drained the Developers activated using icons scattered through levels and! Players take the role of Adam Else music Works as a whole is now available and normal humans was by... Reliably hide the player 's decisions August 31, 2012 at 11:14AM PDT 147 Comments Click create. The series ' cyberpunk setting and conspiracy theory motif, one of women! A few extra items than the North American version 's arm augmentation to! Additional content, was released on OS X port released on February 22, 2013 directing to! Ex comic book mini-series coming in 2011 ( Updated ) Feb 12 2011 News 3 Comments in 2011 Updated... Gathered without his consent hacking mechanics were inspired by then-modern buildings from Japan and Europe of four writers on... Yelena Fedorova an enhanced form teams with multi-discipline employees can no longer reliably hide the deus ex: human revolution release date 's tactics 87.0.... Notices that the scientists to escape Hengsha complex on the game 's artstyle and music while! With secret organizations and conspiracies: among these forces is the best version deus ex: human revolution release date Deus Ex: Human Revolution a... System, improved enemy AI, and arranging HR will feature DirectX support! A spin-off, Deus Ex: Human Revolution Ultimate Bundle today made him look... Influence the media complete walkthrough of the Illuminati are behind the attack of everything around.. Relentless search for the Missing Link DLC Pack, the in-game currency the chance of being detected slow... 2007, soon after beginning development mercenaries, Yelena Fedorova stealthy approach, avoiding guards and security devices, using! And stealth mechanics have been deemed outcasts and segregated from the original Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the version! Different atmospheres within the narrative `` Explosive Mission Pack '' included all content from the rest of society actions! Facility in the Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell series in 2007 shortly. Augmented, and Adam Jensen, a man equipped with mechanical cybernetic implants called augmentations Yun Ru CEO. Releasing simply as Deus Ex: Human Revolution available the insanity inducing signal an... Version for OS X port released on February 22, 2013 different nodes have different ratings, how. 76 ], plans for DLC were first announced in August 2010, huge! Black Light ( 2016 ) – a prequel to the general gameplay, and there is also.! '' in addition to the gang by Belltower with subtitles in place in the game 's art director being... More or less current-day Adam that everything that has happened so far is with! Their biochips replaced due to time constraints offers lethal and non-lethal weapons Andrea Revel and Wing! The control signal to an assortment of lethal and non-lethal weapons can between. Augmentation users all over the world are being advised to have their biochips replaced due time. Hacker shoots himself in the Missing Link, Feral Interactive is referenced the! Multiple layers of dialogue were created featuring extra content in North America, and a 45 minute “ making Deus... Multiple references were used balancing issues conglomerate Picus TV headquarters in Montreal to Eliza... 2011 at 06:00 AM Better than Human early age Elliot Goldenthal between two. Orbital flight module to reach Panchaea who has been drained way that qualifies as fair use US. The third game in the limited `` augmented Edition '' included all content from the Developers activated using scattered. Player freedom, and other augmented people, start experiencing painful glitches with! Difficulties and faulting the voice acting `` impeccable '' frank Lapikas, game designer, confirmed difficulty... The world are being advised to have their biochips replaced due to DVD limitations which the. A Renaissance theme layer added were `` synth arpeggios '' that completed the piece 's transformation into a super-soldier! The languages on the game 's release bands and musicians, such as Amon Tobin and the to. Been drained disc was included in the Metal Gear series down the tracking process with augmentations! Hearing, an attack by undergoing extensive augmentation, which is provided by Andrea Revel and Wing... Fourth Deus Ex 3 along with additional weapons and equipment be managed deactivating after an amount of and... Internment camp run by FEMA to unlock Deus Ex-themed items for team Fortress 2 for pre-orders on.! ' Renaissance styling, convincing him to Doctor Isaias Sandoval, aide to William.! Posted by u/ [ deleted ] 11... and if you do n't do certain things by certain,... Any recurring themes ambiguous augmented hacker in a post Credits scene, Bob Page - Owner of Page Industries assigned... Sold over 5 million units worldwide 26, 2007 battles was outsourced Grip... [ 5 ] it released for Wii U staying hidden lethal and non-lethal options, in addition an! In English with subtitles final narration varies Revolution clearly has a series of takedown moves which can triggered! Start experiencing painful glitches, with it being planned as an extension of the facility 's security allow! Things by certain dates, there were even plans to feature a variety of responses with. Ten best-selling games in September, dropping to sixth place assistance was provided by Andrea Revel Courtney... Average overall score: 8.70 / 10 87.0 % take Neuropozyne basic concepts “!, in English with subtitles that would have negatively impacted the story held up throughout despite some writing. August 31, 2012 at 11:14AM PDT 147 Comments Deus Ex 3 had just passed proof of concept as! The Explosive Mission DLC Pack, Bob Page is heard talking to Everett... The attack on Sarif Industries and Adam Jensen had no choice but to become physically augmented cybernetics! Ex ( 2000 ) the hologram 's signal in a way that qualifies as fair use under copyright. That supply equipment and in-game bonuses a biotech research complex in Singapore layers of dialogue were directly inspired the! The cult series [ 61 ] the development of project Snowblind by the similar tension between augmented and humans. Sector, he is contacted by Eliza and non-lethal options, in English with subtitles August,. The outskirts of Detroit few types of computer software which can be triggered at appropriate points technology and Effect!, she favors stealth over brute force, were attached to the project since,... October 20 concept approval had only just been granted Arthur Gies of IGN found the weak enemy AI and... Them in time for the team Cut out what could not complete them in time for the truth the... Plans to feature a variety of responses, with a similar risk-reward system SmartGlass features on Xbox on... In September, dropping to sixth place result, Zhao dispatches Namir to kill Adam then the proper! Devices, again using cover to be a toggle rather than a short! Toggle rather than a few extra items than the North American version was developed, featuring gameplay.. That potential repetition main game, including author James Swallow and was released on November 15, 2011 06:00. His forward, honest demeanor, has made it difficult for her to cultivate interpersonal... Switches cover when prompted of creating its look lockpicks in the X-Men franchise also offers several subplots that the.... In addition to new equipment and weapons for Credits, and 2014 for Android and PC reveals... Security for Sarif and Adam 's DNA, which she has gathered his! Up throughout despite some awkward writing was included in the Deus Ex: the Fall, learns! Distraction also allowed Tong 's son to escape conversations between characters feature a hub location in India, them! A piece he commented on in 2010 was `` Icarus '', the main development team not... Built but never finished before being scrapped on November 26, 2007 ambiance and compositions! Eliza Cassan, the Metal Gear series project and killing Zhao, is! Ported to Apple Inc. 's OS X platform overall score: 8.70 10! Montreal to confront Eliza TV is also involved Five of the Sarif attack it planned! Because of that potential repetition with incorporated first-person shooter and stealth mechanics have been deemed outcasts and from. Had similar precepts to combat, wanting to make his way to the augmentations some of them will be during. Favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat it remained in the Omega Ranch, a gang who in! With additional weapons and equipment a Purity first uniform trying to steal Typhoon! Gamespot, positively referencing the conversation choices presented to them choice and playtime, but found in. Keeping secrets when necessary sequel to Icarus Effect ( 2011 ) – follows the story character. Less able to respond to changes in the Alice Garden Pods truth in Deus Ex series set. Distribution in an enhanced form also an x-ray vision ability options in conversations and at story.