What does PRODUCT RECALL mean? Definition of PRODUCT RECALL in the Definitions.net dictionary. A product recall can happen at the retail or wholesale level. Recalls are actions taken by a firm to remove a product from the market. A wholesale product recall includes distribution centers and warehouses. At this level, the product… Recall is the retiring of Recall … Product Recall. A product recall is defined as a request to return, exchange, or replace a product after a manufacturer or consumer watch group discovers defects that could hinder performance, harm consumers, or produce legal … If any Governmental Entity issues a recall or takes similar action in connection with the Products, or if MEC determines that an event, incident or circumstance has occurred which may require a recall or market withdrawal, MEC shall advise Distributor of the circumstances by telephone or facsimile.MEC shall have the right to control the arrangement of any Product recall… The right or procedure by which a public official may be removed from a position by a vote of the people prior to the end of the term of office. Product Recall — insurance coverage for the cost of getting a defective product back under the control of the manufacturer or merchandiser that would be responsible for possible bodily injury (BI) or property … With Chubb, you can get broad coverage tailored to your needs. Recalls may be conducted on a firm's own initiative, by FDA request, or by FDA order under statutory authority. Information and translations of PRODUCT RECALL in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions … 3 Table of Contents Introduction About the Authors About Our Products … In most cases, the level of hazard risk is low. A retail product recall includes supermarkets, large stores, corner shops, and other retailers. Recall. Meaning of PRODUCT RECALL. Find an independent … A Guide to Product Recalls: United States & European Union is not intended as legal advice and should not be interpreted as legal advice. Product recalls happen more than you think and they can be time consuming, costly and damaging to your business. In terms of the general right of individuals and groups to distribute desired or beneficial products to the public in a way which does not cause harm or violate legal statutes, the burdensome expense which will typically be posed by the application of consumer product recall … 1 According to the FDA, a recall is defined as an action executed by a manufacturer at any time to remove a defective or harmful drug product … (g) Recall means a firm's removal or correction of a marketed product that the Food and Drug Administration considers to be in violation of the laws it administers and against which the agency would initiate legal action, e.g., seizure. We recommend you contact counsel for legal advice about your product recall needs. A drug recall is the most effective means of protecting the public from a defective or potentially harmful product.