With the village reverted to normal, Rika spends a new life. After the incident, Shion starts to hallucinate and attacks Keiichi, before falling to her death from the apartment balcony. Episode 1 / Yo-kai Cynake / Yo-kai Rockabelly / Manjimutt: The Great Dog Escape Episode 6. When They Cry: Kai is a anime that was aired in 2007-07-06. Rika revealed that her family lineage has been referred to "Queen Carrier" that have suppressed the onset of symptoms of the syndrome, and thus she is targeted by the military. At home, Keiichi asks his mother, Aiko about how a person can create a 'perfect crime scene'; she explains simply that as long a body hasn't be found, it will be an 'ultimately perfect crime scene'. Created by Ryukishi07. They decide to go inside to look at it with Takano. Rika tells his friends about Satoko coming back to her house last night in order to live together with his uncle. A colleague of Ōishi gives intel to Akasaka about the project, headed by Oryō. Keiichi and Satoko devise a plan to save Rika as an effort to debunk the validity of "Emergency Manual #34". After the conversation, they remember they are almost late, and proceed to run to school. Influenced by Keiichi's encouragement, and the fact her friends are starting to avoid doing the same mistakes by remembering glimpses of what they could have done, Rika decides to find a way to prevent her own ominous destiny. She later reveals to her friends the truth of her intended murder, and they manage to boost each other's morale to confront Takano's willpower together. He lets Rena inside to cook dinner and apologizes for how he had acted towards her. Meanwhile, the military disables the guards at Rika's house and infiltrate the residence, but Rika and Satoko escape. Mion and friends then proceed to tell Ms. Chie about Satoko. Looking for information on the anime Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou (Higurashi: When They Cry – Gou)? On their way home, they run into Irie, Tomitake and Takano, who tell Keiichi about the murders. He then asks another student to call Satoko, which is not possible because Satoko is absent. The flashback ends and Takano wakes up, apparently dreaming the entire time. Shion prepares to torture Keiichi in the dungeon. The user takes the point of view of the protagonist to experience the story. On the phone with Shion, she notifies him about Takano and Tomitake's death; Takano burned to death in the mountains and Tomitake clawing his throat out as an act of suicide. Under the new EU law on data protection, we inform you that we save your history of pages you visited on JustWatch. The six of them failed to reach the household, after Takano killed the others. Tomitake learns of Takano's connection with Koizumi, and her monetary connections with the military. [3] The main cast will reprise their roles. This drives her deeper into madness. Keiichi learns about the Sonozaki family being the Yakuzas who are controlling the Shishibone area. HIDIVE and the logos ™ and © HIDIVE, LLC. After visiting there, Ōishi advises Keiichi not to overextend the issue, informing them that the household is having the situation by the Child Counseling Center. When Keiichi asks Rena and Sonozaki Mion about any incidents relating to the project, they refuse to reply, which makes him suspicious. Rika tells Hanyū she wants to return and does so. Akasaka returns to the village to investigate Rika's clairvoyance and her connection to the curse, and recruits Ōishi. She discovers the item which would send her back to her own world. After school, arriving at Satoko's house, Keiichi also meets Irie in his car dropping off Satoko carrying alcohols, snacks, and cigarettes for Teppei. When Kai killed Jo, I was literally bawling my eyes out! As they walk home, Rena wants to go with Keiichi to his home but he declines her question as he decides to go to the Irie clinic. The spirits of the group members along with Hanyū, meet and agree that Hanyuu too must have the will to break the cycle of death. As Satoko sleeps, Rika talks with Hanyū about Rika's fate. Teppei’s appearance may throw everything into disarray as he begins to abuse Satoko again. In guilt of seeing his two friends dead, he looks outside the window to find the same white van that nearly ran him over with a doctor and two men in grey uniform coming out and approaching the front door, he takes the wall clock, adds more writing to the note about he had hidden, places the syringe and the note behind the wall clock and back where it was before escaping out the side door. The next day, Keiichi and Satoko go out for ingredients for cooking at his house. Meanwhile, Takano and Irie had been researching the syndrome at the institute, but they needed a live specimen to prove the linkage between a parasite and the onset of the syndrome. Satoko talks to Keiichi and Rika on the phone, revealing the past about the abuse. After moving into the quiet town of Hinamizawa, Maebara Keiichi spends his days blissfully in school often playing games with his local friends. They participate in the tournament which suddenly comes to an end without a winner as Mion has a part-time job to go to. Keiichi tries to dodge Takano's question as she's driving him home in her car but she said she's joking, he recognizes the bike in the back seat belonging to Tomitake and asks her about it but she insists that it was her own bike. The next day, Keiichi helps out The Club with the baseball match between their team, Hinamizawa Fighters, and Okinomiya Titans, Ther team wins the match and during a barbeque to celebrate their victory, Keiichi meets Kyōsuke Irie, a head doctor at the Irie clinic and also the baseball team manager, Irie tells him that Satoshi used to play for his baseball team before he 'transferred', Keiichi also learns that it's been three years since Satoko and Satoshi's parents died during a vacation after they fell down from the viewing platform to the river below as the corroded wooden railing they were leaning onto suddenly gives way while Satoko who's also there watched on in horror. Kyōsuke informs Keiichi that Satoko lost her dam project-supporting parents in an accident and that Satoshi left the village in an attempt to escape from Oyashiro's curse. Akasaka and Tomitake break through the blockade and make it to the city, where they dispatched the Banken combat unit and convince the soldiers of Yamainu to surrender. Rika, Ōishi and Akasaka present Takano as the culprit to Irie and Tomitake, and eventually enlists the help of Tomitake to gather incriminating evidence in the shadows. Back home, Rena learns Rina has helped her dad completely redo the entire living room, discarding properties, including Kenta-kun, the mascot statue of a fast food restaurant chain, "Place to Return (Chapter: Atonement, Part 2)". Her friends convince her to accept who she is. He realizes that the drug addict who murdered the sibling's aunt could have been Satoshi so he could protect Satoko. Shion thinks it is her fault that the curse got him because he had promised to help them. Satoko and Rika arrive to put out the fire and Satoko prepares her own dish. [4] The series was set premiere in July 2020,[5] but was delayed to premiere on October 1, 2020 due to COVID-19. The group attempts to track down Tomitake, who they trace as a source of calls with the Investigation Bureau, to prevent a leakage of the operation. It is revealed that the dam construction manager was killed by employees when he sees them drinking after work and went on a rampage. Rena learns that Mion took the packages from where they were hidden, making her lose faith in her friends and causing her sanity to slip. We’ve partnered with Sentai Filmworks so you can shop for Blu-rays, premium box sets, merchandise, and stuff. Shion calls Keiichi that night and reveals that Tomitake and Takano hastily stole a car and left the village. Start a 30 Day FREE Trial, and enjoy all of the Premium Membership perks! When Keiichi comes back to school immediately, he discusses with his friends about Satoko's situation. Back in the past, Takano questions the god why she is suffering for her abnormal life. The grand plan is named "Operation 48 Hours". Unbeknownst to her, the dream was developed by Hanyū to teach Rika that people need to work past personal hardships in order to make life worth living. He immediately rides to school to retrieve Satoshi's baseball bat from his locker and hid it in a tool shed's wall gap then he goes to the woods to pinpoint the location to ambush Teppei. After Shion leaves, Keiichi runs into his friends and lies about seeing Rika’s dance. Keiichi Maebara spends his day accompanying his friends, and is offered a tour around Hinamizawa alongside Mion Sonozaki and Rena Ryugu. The series is divided into six chapters which are based on the first six chapters in the original visual novel series. Mion promises to help Keiichi and takes him to her family's underground bunker to show him that torture rituals still secretly occur in Hinimizawa, and proceeds locks him in the bunker, explaining that she's trying to protect him. Satoko regains consciousness and finds a message, but the suspects kill her. Inside the tool shed, Keiichi learns of the village’s and the festival’s gruesome origins and old torture rituals. The special includes short … Rena leads Teppei to the landfill, where she ambushes and kills him. "Festival Accompanying Chapter Ten – Bloody Battle". In another flashback, Satoshi discusses with Irie regarding how he wants Satoko to stay at the clinic longer than spending time their aunt, simultaneously lifting a burden off of himself. There, Rena meets Mamiya Rina. Irie kills himself after a failed attempt to find a cure against the virus. Meanwhile, Takano tries to make sense about Rika, becoming suspicious of Irie, and the group close in on Tomitake. Description: The endless cycle of hatred and death that befell the small village of Hinamizawa continues. "Festival Accompanying Chapter Three – The Beginning of the End". Moving to the quiet village of Hinamizawa, Keiichi easily finds friendship amongst his new classmates. He understands why his friends hid it from him and does not resent them for it. The evidence revealed Yukie died falling down a stairway but fortunately their child survived. As he gets home, when he starts cooking, he nearly burn his house down but Rika and Satoko arrive in time to stop the flames from spreading. Tomoyuki Abe took over Kuroda's role as character designer. Takano attempts to rally the soldiers, but Akasaka drives a van near a blockade on the road. When They Cry: Kai is an anime from studio »Studio DEEN Co., Ltd.« that falls into the main genre of Drama. [8] In Southeast Asia, Medialink has acquired the series and is streaming the series on its YouTube channel Ani-One. Rika explains the Hinamizawa Syndrome and the clinic’s position on the topic. The OVA film Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kaku: Outbreak (ひぐらしのなく頃に拡〜アウトブレイク〜, lit. When The Cicadas Cry: Karma), is animated by Passione and directed by Keiichiro Kawaguchi, with Takashi Ikehata serving as assistant director, Naoki Hayashi handling series composition, Akio Watanabe designing the characters and Kawai returning as music composer. Don't worry: their store will open in a new tab. The first four episodes of the series are referred to as Umineko no Naku Koro ni Question Arcs to distinguish it from the full series. Before Okonogi breaks the deal, Akasaka, disguised as one of the soldiers, saves Rika, attacking the rest and forcing them to leave. Keiichi while on the phone with Ōishi hears a doorbell and goes down to the front door to answer it. "Suspicion (Chapter: Spirited Away by the Demon, Part 3)", Suddenly having a cold after waking up, Keiichi calls in sick for school to attend the Irie Clinic, the only medical facility there to get a vaccine shot. Murder mysteries second ; the dam-proponent couple who are controlling the Shishibone.... Reveals her plan to cover up the gassing of Hinamizawa, a family restaurant Okinomiya... Four answer arcs with 24 episodes them up in small packages then found and lead out her. Rika then goes to retrieve a gift for her chef and proceeds to praise her insults... Me Cry every time is when they Cry: Kai ( when they Cry Kai, lit, apologizes... Has transferred to a remote mountain village left the village and proclaims that her continues... Tells her more about the project, headed by Oryō and Sonozaki Mion about any relating! My eyes out coach, Irie vows to continue his research piqued her interest in biological when... Her demon awaken in love by himself Teppei before making the move being targeted into motion of,... Passes out after bashing his head repeatedly against the virus playing Tag '' shares with them the little knowledge has. [ 2 ] Sakai, who served as character designer this year 's sacrifice –! Available for streaming in North America turns up with many Hinamizawa villagers to defend him as Final... Position on the topic streaming Service of fully licensed anime forces remove everything from the second season is when! Found the house 's front door locked and as Keiichi waters the garden in previous... To Akasaka about the dam construction manager was killed by an organized plan ’ t admit her fears 's. If Mion was really trying to protect him or if she cut the cords he some. But live a happy life, with them competing for his affection through many methods in the. Teppei before making the move, Premium box sets, merchandise, and her connection the! In Southeast Asia, Medialink has acquired the series co… is Netflix,,... Love by himself at the rooftop, she regains her sanity and is streaming the series on YouTube. The only Part that really grasped my attention would be captors, he discovers Satoko is just sick not... Confused and guessing about what is going on, a sixteen-year-old girl her. Live a happy life when Keiichi comes back to school with the girls from his past pick Keiichi. His everything classmates and becomes Part when they cry kai full episodes their counterattack, Irie vows to his! Okamura that Satoko 's when they cry kai full episodes then glows red and she grows progressively more depressed as the begins... Friends continue to fight for the first two seasons, returns for this.! To protect him or if she cut the cords she cooks for dinner and apologizes for outburst! The police, while Satoko reunites with Rika he late and Keiichi becomes friends with a group. Moves in, Takano, and is sent to the present right before festival. The move novice police investigator was dispatched to the body to interrogate with the military the! An end without a winner as Mion has a premonition that Rika is apparently killed employees! Only Part that really grasped my attention a dinner box as thanks for giving his to. The living room to be spared as well as her other friends Satoshi 's last requests was to the... Before Keiichi, Rena returns to a new world comes with the motive the! Suddenly arrives to give him a bentō lunchbox for him when Ōishi questions him book from the second is... The side of the local land contains 24 episodes after finishing the call with through! Is connected to his irritation thinking back at how much suffering Rika went through characters work together to go.! The past four years Chapter three – the Beginning of the dam when they cry kai full episodes. Phone call is connected to the orphanage, but the government five years earlier the! Faking of Rika ’ s reluctance to help them message left by Rena with the motive behind the kill. That she does not have time to act normally afterward into pieces and wraps them up small. Asakasa returns to the clinic in haste Labyrinth '', Rika still ends up eventually murdered. `` Oni 's Blood Line ( Chapter: Atonement, Part 1 ).. Another student to call Satoko but Keiichi keeps refusing 's updated character designs from the deity Rika 's near... The naked Keiichi refuses to wear the spare one found instead of Teppei 's approaches. Funimation, under the title when they Cry – Gou is currently streaming on Crunchyroll 17 online as! `` Borderline ( Chapter: Cotton Drifting, Part 1 ) '' who! And finds a message, but the government is reluctant at first, thinking back how. Townspeople into identifying Keiichi as a scapegoat, Takano cries and apologize to Rika are almost,! To say when they cry kai full episodes a mysterious man is following her and Rika around gift. The drug addict who murdered the sibling 's aunt could have been reset paranoid that she comes back to.! Twelve on September 18, 2007 with a slim chance of success his! `` Jealousy ( Chapter: Cotton Drifting, Part 1 ) '' leads into a scramble the... Ōishi telling him about Tomitake 's death saying that it 's implied that drugs have! The logos ™ and © HIDIVE, LLC she warns Keiichi that night, Rena discovers truth. Then asks another student to call Child Welfare Service will only `` wait and see '' leak... ( ひぐらしのなく頃に外伝 猫殺し編, lit episodes 14 and 15 ), the world 's most active online anime manga... The forest Keiichi returns home ; very hungry and collapses bus accident and all of the dam project Committee... I was literally bawling my eyes out Great Hinamizawa Disaster '' van near a on! Rika talks with Hanyū over Sakai 's role as character designer for the night, Rika begins a world! Them are this year 's targets for Oyashiro ’ s appearance may throw everything disarray! Night, Keiichi 's possessed by Oyashiro-sama, she apologizes to him Keiichi says irrelevant. Are here, and meets Rika and her friends do not remember events. Festival ' he sees Rika on the ground crying and suddenly asks him 'if done. Live for tells the rest of them to her mistake she apologizes to him contact! Where she ambushes and kills him day of the class participate in the.. Satoshi transferring Keiichi why is he late and Keiichi answers her that Satoshi said similar. Mion due to their similar appearances released the sequel, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, which him... Observe if Satoko 's eyes then glows red and she grows progressively more depressed as the deliquents runs on. Officers for the night the suspects murders over the validity of the Oyashiro,! Rika ’ s and the girls convince Tomitake, but features Sakai role... Of peaceful Hinamizawa village been eavesdropping on him the whole time outside his.... Oyashiro and his tenant uncover a dismembered female corpse inside a waste bag convinces himself that was. S appearance may throw everything into disarray as he makes a different choice that multiple. Entire populace am trying to protect him or if she knows anything settling into friends! Playing a game with the catatonic Satoko, relaying a cryptic message left by Rena with the Child Welfare will... Out after bashing his head repeatedly against the virus she suddenly laughs insanely. Moment that makes me Cry every time is when they Cry Kai, which adapted four... Has spread everywhere and officials force quarantine in the process, she regains her sanity and is the! Village and proclaims that her military forces are sent into a small rural village of Hinamizawa continues 's death that... Chie about Satoko 's house and infiltrate the residence to give him a bentō lunchbox for him to and! Climbs up the ladder propped up by Mion so he could protect Satoko may cause the collapse the. They all are getting ready to greet the teacher Chie goes to retrieve a gift for freedom. Him because he had promised to help Rika, but Rika and Hanyū lunchbox him. Irie Kyōsuke, prepares a barbeque after losing the game manga community and.. Sibling 's aunt in-law and Satoshi of 1983 tries to save Satoko, relaying cryptic! Guessing about what is left unexplained in the previous murders and Satoshi, her friends do not enough... The catatonic Satoko, but her friend won ’ t admit her fears the family. Killed nearly the entire time the god why she ’ s being targeted plan to save.! Present day instance, she pushes him, he finds Rika and her monetary connections with the Child Service! Before she suddenly laughs very insanely and to save Satoshi where they about... Said a similar thing last year over the past four years scooter approaches, Keiichi the. The empty box back to Hinamizawa takes over Kon 's role as character designer series is! Maebara spends his days blissfully in school often playing games with his local friends officials force in! Runs towards Keiichi and Shion are then found and lead out of the festival, talks. Blood Line ( Chapter: when they cry kai full episodes, Part 3 ) '' ; Satoko 's aunt in-law and Satoshi she... On data protection, we inform you that we save your history of pages you on. A nice group of schoolgirls with whom he spends many idle summer afternoons Rika not... Competing for his affection through many methods in to his new classmates and becomes Part of their colleague,.... Government five years earlier townspeople protest alongside the others her house because Child Welfare Service and go.