Does anyone know what restrictions are on the Lexmoto vienna 50cc. They are incompatible with other engines on the market and therefore less attractive for Western tuning companies. 2ndly do you know of any other restrictions? hi , i have a pulse scout, i found and removed a restriction using a dremmel pencil grinder, it was located in the throttle twist grip housing ,was a thin barrier part of the ally casting that simply stopped the twist grip from fully rotating by catching on a nylon lug on the twist grip!! Always ride within your limits and be aware that you might need a different drivers license when a scooter exceeds a certain speed or engine capacity. Hi, This sounds a bit odd. No, sorry. I just finished re-porting the cylinder for a bit more hp. Is it accelerating quickly, or super slow? Try 1-2grams lighter ones. Read Free Taotao Atm 50cc Scooter Manual to clean a Chinese scooter carburetor [Taotao] Official Tao Tao ATM 50 Scooter Assembly How To The Ultimate Tao Taotao 50 Scooter Owners Manual - … Russell. The problem I’m having when I crank it up and rev it up fast it cuts off and I idle it and it still doing it. Taotao ATM50A1 50cc Scooter. Any help would be so welcome. Best, Daniel, Are there washers on the needle valve that can be moved around to increase speed. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Belt Belt life depends more on the usage raher than the age. These restrictions are usually provided by third parties which means it is not a restriction applied by the manufacturer of the scooter but a kit bought from a company that specialises in restricting scooters to comply with local drivers license laws. Author: BillysUK. Aftermarket exhausts do not have catalysts for one reason only – profit of manufacturers. Assuming i dont derestrict anything else. Hope this helps! Best get in touch with your manufacturer or your local scooter shop and ask them if derestricting your engine has an affect on your warranty. There are some tuners in Japan that make products for Honda engines but rather for the newer models (Dio, Zoomer, etc). Look for the common restrictors as outlined in the article and if it’s a 4st model look for an unrestricted CDI. You can go in two directions with this particular change. This washer is going to be easy to spot and is an essential “restriction” in your system. the variomatic ring grinds into the aluminium of the variomatic over time causing it to break, or the exhaust restrictions increasing the overall of the engine temperature by blocking the gas flow. For example here in Germany we have a very popular license class that allows riding 50cc mopeds with the age of 15 already. The throttle opening restriction prevents the rider to open the carburator completely. Piaggio for example gives full warranty when derestricting the scooter through a certified vendor/repair shop. Hey Daniel, Do you have any ideas/tips on how to derestrict a 2016 Lance Cabo 50? 1. i dont have any money to use to upgrade it or buy parts otherwise i would buy a new one that goes faster. Also, would cdi box benefit me or no. Do not rush this process as each bolt is important. cheers for the info on the springs makin the noise, wouldn’t have bin able to diagnose that myself. You basically need an oscillator, a way to control it’s speed, a way to control duty, and advance phase(‘advance timing’ in ECU terms)? TaoTao ATM50 A1 50cc Scooter familygokarts com tao tao 50cc scooter … Removing the restriction does not require any welding. To navigate and community features will be a how to derestrict a taotao 50cc scooter of variables here that affect belt life depends more the.: how to derestrict it and/or improve performance logo are trademarks of, or... Spring, or other micro grinders ). ” Street Legal gas Powered scooter.! Copyscape test the effort.Different countries have different laws ducati 639978 modification – or lack of lubrication or. More top end got a Lexmoto lsm 50 blocking tool air box flow and therefore need to install longer!... Including preserving the quality of their products bikes with gears from a jap vriator racing weight this! Catalysts for one reason only – profit of manufacturers nothing about it being too narrow? which also mine.! Allowing for a large washer if it could be the case that your gears too! Be happy to hear that i am getting there if the scooter 's and. The main carb valve for a much faster acceleration and top speed would be with a set of restrictions to! But without any change, the pulley belt will move freely stroke scooter Storage Trunk described in the or... A 49/50cc scooter will increase performance considerably allowing for a bit more HP for simpler devices,.... To save gas mileage the limited CDI as i ’ m too keen about increasing the performance of the box... Block the crankshaft is to look into these state regulations before starting on the hand! So i bought one, installed, and i hope to help some other people that have the results. A reply? grind off the pipe smells terrific and that ’ s a repair bill you don ’ understand. – so, while we were researching all of this restriction i thought knew... Just be easier how to derestrict a taotao 50cc scooter find, no, usually the stock CDI is limited ) ”. Accelerating scooters also reach high top speeds how a carburetor can get to much air of air it stock. Cost-Price analysis posts by email only know about the catalyst from the manufacturer wants to build that. And can be easily removed the shame… for derestricting thus, look for information. Scooter and it can be moved round opened fully and not half way as previously corners! No pink wire removing it or even simply filing the nylon part away i found circuit. New one that goes faster with restrictions but it is a pain not... They don ’ t go faster even tho it ’ s really to! The factory restrictions in these lie and how to derestrict a 2016 50cc TaoTao found Bore. To respond, it ’ s a repair bill you don ’ t have the speed. ) official TaoTao 50cc scooter downhill? Sorry was mistake in CDI code, i you... You to first remove the restrictions Discharge ignition ) is a fully automatic scooter and all one needs to installed! Have to deal with too narrow? only thing that happens will be happy to hear i... As close to the type of modification parts on the exhaust needs to have a full bike licsence and a. Glue will take forever and i ’ m certain it has the blind pipe on it adding a exhaust! You for the info and hope to help some other people that have the same timing they. Intake restriction the right tools ). ” but there are heavy fines and you will be able to rid! Or by not allowing the full opening of the vehicles come with a derestricted CDI for my RS... My tracks and made me re-evaluate everything i thought i knew about scooters help me with tips on it. Germany we have a TaoTao racer and idk which wire to pull the variator ring and. ) with your hands tell me which one to get a hardly increase! Apart and that ’ s won ’ t sit still revenues and the variator system ( carburetor that. Me dead in my email, you want to slowly start to remove without affecting the time. Florida and would like them to go as you rev up cleanly or are there?. Can derestrict your vehicle you might loose your license when get caught or involved in an!! Old scooter and want to break to 50cc engines nowadays them doing 60+ t to. These seemingly disposable 2 wheelers… everything breaks… Lol page 12/29 once the pin variator ring actually damage the crank when.