Mate of Jenna and father of Aleu and Kodi. I watch a lot of movies but I rarely cry and if i do- i always do at the same scene. Aleu was the wolf-dog hybrid daughter of Balto and Jenna and sister of Kodi and his siblings. This is my favourite song from the entire Balto franchise! Steele wanted revenge Balto for taking away his glory. Balto 2 soundtrack It seems that Universal will mostly never release an official soundtrack for Balto 2. Balto: Oh that's sad. She has blue and yellow eyes. She was reunited with her father when a black bear attacked them. By JBlueWolf2 Watch. Though she would never admit it, she loves her father very much though sometimes they can get on each other's nerves. When Balto saves her by attacking the grizzly bear, but she refused to return to the life offered with her family at Nome. Muk and Luk give Aleu a big hug knowing that they'll miss her a lot. The white wolf, Aniu thought her son, Balto and Aleu many things along their quest to find out where Aleu belongs. Aleu: I knew there was something wrong with me. Jenna: I know. Journey and saying Goodbye + Video by EmberWolfsArt on DeviantArt. When howling, Aleu tends to hold up one front paw. Name of four coyotes, Luna only female in the pack. Aleu is very outgoing with a tendency to do things without thinking. He soon falls in love with one member of his team, Dusty. She also dislikes anyone else using improper grammar especially double negatives. Aleu has nightmares of her father Balto being in danger. But her father doesn't want to accept the offer but Nava's time was almost over to lead. Kodi is one of the main characters in Balto 3: Wings of Change. (Fanfictions NOT included)). He was instrumental in showing Aleu what she truly wanted in life, and discovered that it was she, not Balto, who was meant to lead the pack onwards. Balto and Aleu say goodbye to each other before Aleu rejoins the pack and takes over as the leader. most of them were from coyotes, but there were some paw prints a dog he knew long ago. As a result, she was never adopted. And what once was hello turns to goodbye. Her future and whereabouts are now unknown. Steele was trapped on top of a cliff. He is introduced as one of the dogs on the Mail Team. Boris took Aleu to meet Stella and their goozlings. Boris and Stella's eggs start to hatch along with Balto and Jenna watching. Jenna and Kodi run up to Aleu and watch Balto fight Steele. Aleu: Oh, sure. Aleu: Oh, sure. When the puppies are being adopted and it's down to Aleu and one red-and-white puppy, and Aleu and the puppy jump onto the edge of the crate, they are on the left side. Leader of the wolf pack. Add interesting content and earn coins. She enjoyed howling by showing she was excited. Muk and Luk run up to her and hug her tightly. Aleu is the daughter of Balto and Jenna and is half wolf like her father in Balto II: Wolf Quest.She serves as the main protagonist of the film. Aleu just like Kodi, Balto, Jenna … Aleu has sandy-grey fur, with a lighter underbelly. Like the other Balto movies, it is traditionally-animated. She told them that the pack will not hurt them. Balto tries to catch her, on the way he encounters the Totem animals, such as the Fox and Wolverines. Aleu is a wolfdog/ Siberian Husky mix in Balto 2: Wolf Quest. It is unknown how she developed her prey drive as neither Balto nor Jenna possessed a prey drive. Aleu: 3/4 of wolf, 1/4 of dog. Steele was about finish Aleu, until Balto jumps him. Jenna: I think I might have a boy and a girl. Aleu appeared in Balto II: Wolf Quest as the secondary protagonist, and made a second appearance as a puppy during Balto's flashback in the song "You Don't Have To Be A Hero" during Balto III: Wings of Change. Boris wants to prove himself that he can be a great father to his childen when they hatch. Daughter of Balto and Jenna and younger sister of Kodi. Balto 3: Wings of Change . Mother of Balto and grandmother of Aleu and Kodi. Pet of Rosie's family. Yak: A member of Aleu's pack who is very icthy with fleas. Balto: Me too. Balto's arch-enemy Steele returns for revenge. The scene where Balto and Jenna's pups all get adopted except for Aleu, and the song only makes matters WORSE. Unlike Nava, Niju was more hostile towards them and even doubting that they aren't worthy to lead the pack but after all that, they would break into a fight but Aleu was no match to him. to begin to fight. When Balto admitted that he was half-wolf because his (Aleu's grandfther) was husky who had pups with a wolf. Muk and Luk are fishing not too far from the icy path. This page had the most problems of people adding false information, (If certain characters aren't here, that means that they've not had any thoughts about them nor interacted with them. Back on shore, Nava bids farewell to Balto … Balto darted across the valley edge drawing closer to the lone twinkling on the light. She has a strange supernatural power that allows her to have visions of the past or future, as well as read minds. Aleu had to lead her pack back to alaska across the icy path in the ocean. Aleu gives him a big slopperly lick on his featherly cheek. As Balto makes his way back to Nome, the raven reveals its true form as the great white wolf, Aniu, who is Balto's mother. Mate of Balto and mother of Aleu and Kodi. They ran to off help. Ralph: Another member of Kodi's dog team. She bore great resemblance to a wolf more so than her siblings, and also acted more like a wolf unlike her more domesticated siblings. However, we found a trick to get our "unofficial soundtrack" for this film! Aleu has sandy-grey fur, with a lighter underbelly. She has lighter areas on her face, chest, stomach, and legs, and darker brown ears. The story mainly emphasize on Balto's daughter, Aleu. Jenna removes her bandana and places around Aleu's neck, knowing that she loves her. Steele no longer wears a collar and no longer lives as pet, instend he lives in a cave in the mountains and leads a pack of coyotes. Balto 2. Balto, Aleu, Kodi, heared Jenna yelling help. Balto (Father) Boris, Stella, their goozlings, Muk and Luk wave to her. Balto and his daughter Aleu embark on a journey of adventure and self discovery. Aleu and Kodi ran and jump all around like Balto and Jenna did in the ending of the first film. The scene where Balto and Jenna's pups all get adopted except for Aleu, and the song only makes matters WORSE. Along with Boris, he ran up to her. Aleu 31047053. Once after left the pack to save his daughter then Nava assures them that someone needs to lead the pack or they'll be helpless to be guided, Aleu chooses to lead and says goodbye to her dad. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Balto is prepared to help the pack, but Aleu realizes that this is where she truly belongs. Back on shore, Nava bids farewell to Balto before … : Only in my fantasies is Balto 2 mine officially, but in reality all I own is the mind that supplies these chapters to everyone who reads them. While mostly looking like her father, she shares some similarities to her mother. The opening song from the third movie, with lyrics in English and Spanish. This is one of the more experimental parody ideas that came about here. Thunderbolt (101 Dalmatians 2: Patch's London Adventure) as Adult Aaron Jenna (Balto Trilogy) as Zipporah Jock (Lady and the Tramp) as Jethro Cadpig (101 Dalmatians), Mammoth Mutt (Krypto the Superdog) and Aleu (Balto 2: Wolf Quest) as Zipporah's Sisters … All were at the icy path in the ocean. Balto: Your mother is a pure-bred husky. Although there is a chance they may meet again someday. Balto tiene una nueva hija, Aleu. She howls goodbye to Balto, while the rest of the pack join in as they float away. summary: The Fudo and Forte family decide to go to Alaska again, curious of what Balto and Jenna had been up to since they all last saw each other. Aniu the White Wolf spirit would come to Aleu and tell that her father is in danger. All three follow Aleu up the hill. Names of three wolves, Vike, Sliver, both males and Tana one female. In particular, she has striking blue eyes, something wolves do not carry the gene for. Unlike Niju, Nava was more welcoming them but Nava knows that Balto was the choosing leader to lead the pack but Balto which would lead Aleu be surprised to hear this but Balto isn't accepting it as he mainly lead sled-dogs than wolves but he would stand on his side if Niju gains a lot of the pack members on his side. Note: Balto belongs to Universal Pictures and Pokemon belongs to Game Freak and all their characters, except for my OC, belongs to their respective creators. Kodi see Aleu going after Steele. She is voiced by Lacey Chabert, who also voiced Eliza Thornberry and Vitani. Are story beings in the winter months. She is also the main love interest of Balto. Balto: Yeah. He tells Balto and Jenna. When Niju was given the opportunity to lead the pack, his "fear of change" got the better of him and he fled into the fore… A/N: Well, this is the final scene for our favorite wolf-dog family…but only in this fic, for the end is here! We will raise them to be good, brave and strong wolves. They are friends of Balto's family. Aleu is a light brown wolfdog/ husky mix. Balto was forced to tell Aleu about her wolf heritage, causing her to run away. Hero of Nome. Feel free to summarize their perspective. While they're assuring they will never forget each other, it's still a father saying goodbye … Trivia. Kodi: 3/4 of dog, 1/4 of wolf. In particular, she has striking blue eyes, something wolves do not carry the gene for. Wolf Pack: All follow Aleu. she says goodbye and leads the pack back across the icy path in the ocean. Although she never realized it, Aleu acted more like a wolf than a dog. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Through a series of spiritual events, Balto, Nava, and eventually Aleu herself come to realize with the aid of her spirit guide Muru that she is destined to lead the pack towards a better future.