o loose control. Gopowersports has serviced the go kart industry since 1974. In theory, golf carts make it easier for players to get across the course, saving their much-needed energy for the game. In this mode the governor will put the throttle in the full open position typically. Short Lever = S2 = Unknown…we are going to find out…. Centrifugal force is related to the square of the RPM as well. (For those who are removing the flywheel, it's much easier to tap out the shaft the governor gear rides on from the flywheel side. The mechanism is quite simple actually and has a simple spring connected up to the wind vane. The natural action of the governor is to cause it to close the throttle. Simple Adjusting of an E Z Go Golf Cart Governor. With the engine being at full throttle and the governor in the full throttle position as well set the new wire system together based on these links. The action of the throttle cable attached to the governor arm is dampened by an adjustable governor spring mounted on a bracket adjacent to the governor arm. Usually what occurs is that somebody has taken the governor mechanism apart and has mistakenly taken the Springs off and forgotten where they should have been. This is helpful in “leveraging down” a spring system so that the movement that you have on your actual device, matches the movement needed to the spring system. The wind vane governor uses the air coming off of a flywheel cooling fins. This cord puts more tension on the governor spring, making the go kart slower or faster, depending on where the lever is located. This article is going to talk about how the governor mechanism actually operates. I watched several videos and the only thing they really showed was how to bypass the governor. The relationship is as follows: S=R*Angle, A long lever = S1=1 inch 8. This is S2. The main reason a governor could require adjustment is simply through use over time. Full throttle is accomplished, when the engine is sitting at rest as we discussed before. Do the math using the formula above and you can custom make your “special lever reducer” device. I had a similar problem this winter with my snowblower because the throttle linkage itself had become rusted and disappeared. The centripetal force governor is used on 80% of small engines. The best way is to determine the two positions the spring needs to be in for the low setting and the high setting. Go-kart engines have a speed governor, also known as a speed limiter. But in general, the full throttle mode is accomplished when the engine is under full load, such as lugging through a log, the governor will cause the throttle to go the full open. Well below 3600 RPMs the motor will only have three and half horsepower at 1200 RPMs. The governor is there for a reason. Governor Adjustment - Model 135202. Basically, a “stiff throttle” mechanism, like the ones used on riding lawnmowers or rototillers, will work as a system for adjusting spring tension. In idle mode the engine is running and is in its lowest position. Loosen thumb screws on both sides of the place. In practice, golf carts can be more of a nuisance than a help, as many standard carts creep along at unbearably slow speeds. I bought a used go cart for my grandaughters for Christmas. Your Price: $151. James. Push the governor arm until the throttle is wide open. Remove the Speed Governor. If the go kart will not idle or idles too fast, an adjustment … The best way it so mount a lever system that pulls a cord. Do not use any cleaning materials that could scratch the Go Kart. This cord puts more tension on the governor spring, making the go kart slower or faster, depending on where the lever is located. Stay Updated. When the engine is freewheeling at 2000 RPMs the throttle is not open and fully. Drain the oil from the crankcase into a pan. Golf cart speed is often controlled by a device called a governor, and you can adjust the governor on a golf cart relatively easily to make the cart faster. Took my go kart from 24 to 31 MPH Took my go kart … Then you would turn the bottom "clip" (which is connected to the governor shaft) counter clockwise. If you run the motor at actual full throttle, which you will be able to do once the governor is gone, it wears down the engine ten times as fast as it would on factory-set full throttle with the governor on. Search × Search × Main Menu; Go Karts For Sale . See more ideas about go kart, mini jeep, cyclekart. Install a Supercharger or Turbocharger. According to Affordable Go Karts, you will have to disassemble some parts to get to the governor, and after you have successfully removed it you will need to disable the low-oil sensor 2. There are different modes of the governor: In order to understand or troubleshoot the governor it’s easier to understand the different modes that the governor will leave the engine in when it’s in different states. Easy to install. So what occurs is that very little amount of centripetal force off of the governor weights is required to make the throttle shut. no Allvxay½ Kart er thg … Cost: FREE: UPGRADING VALVE SPRINGS: After the governor is removed, the stock valve springs will begin to float and limit your rpm to about 5200. Unscrew all the bolts around the perimeter of the cover with the correct sockets. How to Adjust the Governor on a Gas E-Z-Go Golf Cart by Gus Stephens . Tighten the screw and you're done. First of all if you taken in engine apart always make sure that you take a picture or at least have the understanding of governors work before you fully take the carburetor system of apart. A power band is the range of power that an engine will give out from low RPMs to high RPMs. GoKartMasters.com is your one stop source for go kart fun. You can take advantage of the idle mode by understanding that the carburetor will be a full throttle when the engine is sitting at rest. With this garbage out of your engine, you can plug the hole on the top of your engine case where the metal arm was. Here are several tips to help you get the most out of your go kart engine. Give time for it to warm up. He studied architecture at Taft Junior College. The governor lever arm is mounted to this lever arm. The spring wants to make the throttle open that’s what it’s for. Move throttle lever to full throttle position (until it makes contact with bracket and can go no further) and maintain this position. Typically this is accomplished using a crank or lever arm. It might be an eighth open. Check Price On Amazon. The whole idea is to have the horsepower available when you need it. What you do is take a piece of bailing wire which is about .09 inches in diameter or .085 inches in diameter and form it up using pliers so that it mimics the linkage that used to exist. page of 94 Go / 94. Tighten the clamp bolt or nut with the wrench. Rotate the locknut to expand or compress the spring until its length is … Like I said before the spring rate should not be played with, use only the manufacturers designed spring. Move throttle lever to full throttle position (until it makes contact with bracket and can go no further) and maintain this position. One of the common symptoms of a carburetor problem is that the governor will cause the engine to hunt. Adjust (bend) the main governor spring tab to achieve 3800 RPM. This movement of the driver is then relayed to the lever arm which goes outside of the crank case. The extra RPM provides a dramatic increase in performance. Torque converters consist of two variable pitch pulleys and a belt … Loosen a clamp bolt or nut that secures the governor lever to the governor crank with a metric wrench. Solicit the help of a friend to help you lift the go kart up on a small table, which will provide an eye-level position to work. You may have to drill hole in the throttle plate on the carburetor to accommodate the wire or that you’re using. Once again, turn screw all the way in (clockwise) and then out (counter-clockwise) 360 degrees (1 full turn). MAINTENANCE WASHING THE GO KART 1. Inside the engine is a camshaft. Designed entirely for use on golf course trails, E-Z-Go carts are not engineered for higher-speed on-road use and/or cornering. Tighten the clamp bolt. Adjusting the governor can make your golf cart go 5–10 mph (8.0–16.1 km/h) faster. Adjusting a mechanical governor is relatively easy for the average do-it-yourself mechanic. In other words something has to pull on the spring, and in doing so it causes the governor arm to pull the throttle over to full open, or be open more. It will only take about 5 minutes to do it. When a machine is designed, for example the wood splitter, the range of RPM that the engine is actually running at is probably more around 2000 RPMs. Probably someone told you that you could remove the governor from your electric golf cart to make it go faster. – Mid-Throttle Look for a small metal rod near your golf cart’s clutch. Governor spring and link attachment critical here. Make … This is where the passion for being outdoors and riding all begins at an early age. Step 2 Loosen the adjusting locknut on the end of the governor spring. Discount go kart parts and go kart engines. Never operate the Go Kart locked in position could be hazardous. So in plain English: the higher the spring is upon the throttle arm the faster the engine will go. “God Bless The Broken Road”: Go-Kart Movie Extravaganza, The Wood Go Kart: Tricks For Making Wood Pulleys. It might not be readily apparent why you would need the speed regulated so let’s go into that for a few seconds. When the weights fling out it causes the actuator to pull the throttle shut. To understand how the governor operates we need to understand the variables that are in the system. To reset the governor: Loosen the nut that clamps the governor arm to the governor rod. The reason for this is that when you want to start your engine you need to have more than no throttle but, full throttle. The first few days it started perfect with the choke on. In order to make your go-kart faster, you can remove the speed governor in your go-kart engine. The governor limits RPM to 3600. Walks through taking a stock engine, removing the governor, upsizing the carb jets and replacing the air intake and exhaust. The rest position of the engine is when the engine is off. The best way to do this is to move the throttle from idle to full open and note the way the governor shaft moves. The lower the spring is on the lever arm the slower the engine will go. The second variable is where you place the spring. This set-up requires use of two drive chains, both of which need to be maintained in order to keep your go-kart operating smoothly. Another problem that can occur is that the linkage itself can get lost and so the problem that you will run into is that you don’t have a linkage to replace it with. And so the main question is how in the world was a governor set up in the first place? The primary cause for this is that the jets in the carburetor become clogged, especially from sitting over the winter months or there is a very old carburetor that needs adjustment in the jet area. First of all the engine is spinning and secondly the rate at which it spins is regulated by the throttle. Adjustment of the governor mechanism is where the spring is placed and how much the spring polls on the governor mechanism. The governor limits RPM to 3600. 1 decade ago. Respectfully, Need a spring / lever diagram for a B&S 3.5 HP go cart engine model series 091200. The cart will have more pickup and possibly gain as much as 5 mph. Problem is starting it cold is a bear. The governor shaft on a Tecumseh engine should face the same direction as the governor arm to open the throttle. As an example I was doing a little wood splitting this weekend and if it wasn’t for the governor on the engine things would have been a lot worse or different. The governor will cause the engine to go to full throttle automatically when there is no RPMs. Motor runs great and is very reponsive. Go Kart after seat adjustment, make sure the thumbscrews on both sides of the seat are ti