Frank was ultimately outed living with a house boy who operated a gay prostitution ring right out of their shared residence. tactics are repeatedly deployed against child victims in virtually every pedophilia scandal, always to undermine and destroy credibility. [153], Opposition member of parliament Rafizi Ramli was arrested and charged under the Official Secrets Act by police and government for leaking information about the Auditor General's report on 1MDB. Police reveal the total amount of items seized at between RM 900 million and RM 1.1 billion (US$220 million and US$269 million). [230][231] Of the bank accounts and properties seized were S$120 million belonging to Jho Low and his family. But their criminal accountability depends entirely on you and me to first accept this vile sickening reality of what they’ve been doing and then resolutely take constructive action to remove this long embedded, festering cancer. The Omaha-to-Washington pipeline was/is but one among countless conduits pumping children to the pedophiles in Washington. The once young African American Democrat and George McGovern supporter from Omaha who everyone affectionately called Larry King strategically and opportunistically switched political parties to become a rising GOP star singing the national anthem at both the 1984 and 1988 Republican Presidential Conventions. He has given up a desired military career and received threats on his life. He told Parliament that, according to records held by the Companies Commission, the company "has no business address and no appointed auditor. [112] Wayne Madsen, 173-74, During the October 2010 parliamentary session, 1MDB explained that its accounts had been fully audited and signed by KPMG, and closed as of 31 March 2010. Right where senior Bush left off, the global operation was seamlessly handed over to the Bill and Hillary White House and their raping and plundering first in the 1990s Balkans, more recently in the Caribbean on Epstein’s St. James Island and then in earthquake-Clinton ravaged Haiti. America’s biggest, most shameful pedophilia scandal ever exposed in its history was already history, fast morphing into complete obscurity during the decades that followed. [39] Lawrence King placed all his marbles in running with the 1% haves from the GOP elite, tirelessly participating in countless party fundraisers and, as the entertainer-charmer of the first order, he hosted social gatherings big and small, singing his way into the pocketbooks of the wealthiest, most powerful circles in Washington DC, his home state Nebraska and entire country. [190], Media reports from June 2018 also indicate that the MACC froze bank accounts associated with UMNO, purportedly in relation to investigations into the 1MDB matter. Links Malaysian Prime Minister to Millions Stolen From Development Fund", "US seeks to seize $1bn in Malaysia probe", "US seeks $1bln in 1MDB-tied Assets, 'Wolf of Wall Street' royalties", "Wolf of Wall Street producers to pay $60m to US government", "The 1MDB deals that continue to haunt Goldman Sachs: QuickTake", "Goldman Sachs Tumbles on 1MDB Scandal and 'Fear of the Unknown, "1MDB: How did Leissner and other execs bypass Goldman's compliance rules? [32] Henry J. Cordes, “John DeCamp Remembered as one of Nebraska’s most Accomplished, Controversial Lawmakers,” Omaha World Herald, August 1, 2017, US authorities move to seize another US$540 million in assets, allegedly stolen via 1MDB and used to fund extravagant spending. [165] Stew Webb, ", "Take legal action against WSJ, PM urged", "Singapore police freeze two bank accounts linked to 1MDB probe", "Singapore freezes bank accounts over Malaysia 1MDB graft scandal", "1MDB chief denies Singapore accounts frozen, says asset sales will put company in black by early 2016", "Malaysia's 1MDB Sent $850 Million to Entity Set Up to Appear Owned by Abu Dhabi Wealth Fund", "$850M 1MDB payment sent to Virgin Island firm", "WSJ: UAE fund claims US$1.4b payment from 1MDB missing", "Malaysia's 1MDB Fund Scandal Spreads to U.A.E. MACC issued a statement saying, among other things, "Results of the investigation have found that the RM2.6bil which was allegedly transferred into the account belonging to Najib Razak came from the contribution of donors, and not from 1MDB". [81], It was reported that 1MDB has accumulated debts of nearly RM 42 billion. Around 227,000 leaked documents related to the fraud are handed to Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown, and to the Wall Street Journal. [83] Mike Cernovich, “Ben Sasse and #Never Trump’s Pedophile Problem,” Danger and Play, May 5, 2016, [313], Apart from the above, another sum of S$50 million (RM152 million) related to 1MDB has been ordered by the Singapore Courts to be repatriated. [90] From Chicago after taking physical possession of the photos from Nelson, an elated Gary Caradori excitedly phoned both his wife and his co- investigator informing them: I got what I came after. [56] Webster Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin, [106] Webster Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin, The 1Malaysia Development Berhad scandal (1MDB scandal) is an ongoing political scandal occurring in Malaysia. [103] Bank Negara Governor Zeti Akhtar Aziz later retired and was replaced with Muhammad bin Ibrahim on 1 May 2016. [10] Najib was charged with criminal breach of trust, money laundering and abuse of power, while Jho Low was charged with money laundering. [100] Ralph Lopez, Just a couple months prior to the Washington Times article, Spence had hosted an extravagant dinner affair in honor of Gregg at the ritzy Four Seasons Hotel. As a typical example of how King fudged his bank books for Reagan and Bush, King hosted a $1 million reception for then Housing and Urban Development Secretary Sam Pierce at the 1984 Republican convention in Dallas. [144] “George Bush: World Class Monster,” Find the best Female Masseuse videos right here and discover why our sex tube is visited by millions of porn lovers daily. But they too were slow to respond, mobilizing an investigative committee only after King’s November 1988 arrest. [75] Ralph Lopez, "A sum of US$620 million was returned by the Prime Minister to Saudi royal family because it was not utilised," the statement adds. Rodriguez discovered a number of notable Beltway VIPs having sex with mostly underage boys: Among the client names contained in the vouchers – and identified by prostitutes and escort operators – are government officials, locally based US military officers, businessmen, lawyers, bankers, congressional aides and other professionals…[141]. A few years after William Colby uttered these chilling sentiments about what he knew too well, in April 1996 his mysterious “drowning” death is speculated to be the result of Colby’s reported plan to expose the CIA for sexually abusing and misusing children for political and diplomatic blackmail as part of its mind control program. [54] Webster Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin, And there was another group that was started by Larry King which is called the Golden Boys which was kids that were usually under the age of approximately ten.[71]. These are all the men in Hollywood, politics, business and more accused of sexual assault and harassment since the Harvey Weinstein scandal. [101] We can clearly see that with the Bush-Clinton-Obama dynasty’s New World Order. Thus, too frequently police only further tack on yet more abuse and both they and the media are still rampantly guilty of causing added damage and suffering by using words that cruelly mislabel victims as criminals. Upon release from prison, the guilty multiple felon reportedly went right back to work for powerful Republicans that continue protecting him to this day. I’ve been told to leave it alone or my kids were going to be orphans. [159] Larry Chin, “The Bush-Clinton Empire and Criminal Succession,” Intrepid Report, September 26, 2016, [108] Wayne Madsen, The public and political protests had culminated in the. He was arrested in August 1989 on weapon and drugs charges. I do not cry easily and I was not the only person that was moved. Attorney General Tommy Thomas says so far Malaysia has recovered US$322 million (RM1.3 billion) worth of 1MDB assets. [68] Brandia, Clearly all the Nebraska prosecutors were part of the cover-up, following orders to withhold evidence to protect the guilty. These same malicious, deceitful weaponized M.O. [310], US President Donald Trump’s fundraiser Elliott Broidy was charged by the Federal authorities in the violation of Foreign Agents Registration Act as per public court filing published on 8th October 2020. (Flanery was soon taken off the story and shipped out of state for a year.)[61]. [252], The United Arab Emirates has issued travel bans and frozen bank accounts of former Abu Dhabi sovereign-wealth fund International Petroleum Investment Company's employees Khadem al-Qubaisi and Mohammed Badawy Al Husseiny who had close connections to 1MDB, and may have used the British Virgin Islands-based Aabar Investments PJS to funnel money from 1MDB into various accounts and companies around the world. [58] What’s all too obvious is that Father Val Peter and perhaps a few selected individuals within the Boys Town administration were minimally guilty of complicity as scores of their children for years would regularly go missing for days at a time while King trafficked them to DC and at least a dozen other locations around the nation. Najib is charged with three additional counts of money laundering. ", "Abu Dhabi alleges US$1.4 billion from 1MDB missing, says WSJ", "WSJ: Another US$1b payment from 1MDB to IPIC missing", "1MDB mystery deepens as Abu Dhabi questions another missing US$993m to IPIC", "Another $1.4b payment from 1MDB to Abu Dhabi fund is missing: Wall Street Journal", "We enjoy strong business relationship with UAE firm, says 1MDB – The Malaysian Insider", "Abu Dhabi's Ipic to pay interest on 1MDB bonds as Malaysia clears officials | The National", "1MDB's Latest Act: Two Obama Fundraisers, One Fugee and $69 Million", "Wong Chen queries Obama link in 1MDB-DuSable 'JV, "WSJ picks up on 1MDB-DuSable links to former Obama fundraisers", "Najib urged to disclose dealings of 1MDB and Yurus PE Fund", "Malaysian Prime Minister Spent Lavishly From Accounts He Says Weren't 'Personal, "1MDB Probe Shows Malaysian Leader Najib Spent Millions on Luxury Goods", "1MDB probe shows Najib Razak spent millions on luxury goods: Report", "Malaysia PM Najib spent millions on luxury goods, political payments: WSJ", "1Malaysia Development Berhad Malaysia Factbook", "Auditors highlight several critical areas in 1MDB's books", "Agreements inked to develop Sungai Besi airport land into Bandar Malaysia", "Amid lack of progress in Bandar Malaysia, Rafizi questions 1MDB's RM3.5b debt", "1MDB awards RM2.1bil contract to Armed Forces Fund Board unit – Business News | The Star Online", "1MDB to sell 60% stake in Bandar Malaysia for RM7.41bil – Nation – The Star Online", "1MDB accepts adviser's resignation – Nation – The Star Online", "1MDB insists former adviser was not ignored", "1MDB denies receiving 'repeated requests' for info from former advisor", "Deloitte Malaysia's statement on 1MDB accounts", "Lack of concern about 1MDB's unaudited accounts shows cover-up, says MP", "Malaysian Leader Orders Auditor to Verify 1MDB Accounts", "Malaysia Auditor General's 1MDB Report Classified", "Azmin fails to unseal 1MDB audit report", "Now Is The Best Time To Declassify AG's Report on 1MDB – There Should Be Nothing To Hide! [140] It was Spence who was caught as the infamous after midnight White House tour guide. [118] Aside from Alisha who also called Wadman a Satanist,[119] three other young people accused Wadman of sexual abuse. [7] Thankfully for us, truth can never be erased, at least not completely. [9] Even CIA Mockingbird controlled propaganda ministry[10] rags like the Washington Post[11] and the New York Times[12] back in 1989 and 1990 ran articles covering the momentary blip on the public radar screen, documenting American history’s biggest, all but forgotten pedophile scandal. Larry held a fundraiser when their son Howard Buffett ran for Douglas County Commissioner. 2112022009694), allegedly belonging to Najib, along with damages, costs, and other reliefs. Case closed", "Malaysia's first lady linked to $30 mln worth of jewelry bought with 1MDB funds", "Civil action in rem to forfeit assets involved in and traceable to an international conspiracy to launder money misappropriated from 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB)", "US goes after $1.4 billion in assets linked to Malaysian fund 1MDB", "US moves to seize USD1b in assets of M'sian 1MDB fund", "U.S. to Seize $1 Billion in Assets in Malaysia's 1MDB Case", "Malaysia 1MDB Scandal: Luxury Properties in US Linked To Najib Razak's Stepson Riza Aziz, Close Associate Jho Low Likely To Be Seized", "U.S. Maps 1MDB Fraud Trail From Kuala Lumpur to Hollywood", "U.S. [29] Lane Anderson, “How Abused Teen Girls are Treated like Criminals – and how to Help,” Desert News, August 12, 2015, By Apandi Ali levied against the perps, and other survivors are true! Businessman Alan Baer for blackmail operations has been set up Pictures founder and producer Riza arrested... Working to resolve the dispute with International Petroleum Investment Company, editor ’ s prowess... 81 ], it was Spence who was close friends with Larry weren ’ be. With private Saudi oil Company PetroSaudi International ( PSI ) brought tears to my eyes is rampant in scandals... Bank accounts Bush-Clinton-Obama dynasty ’ s note, Michael Hughes, https: // Nebraska U... To my eyes, indicting them for perjury dark, abominable chapter in American history of Che Guevara aside!: // utm_term=.c7c899b5b214 espionage, blackmail, and huge payoffs Alisha ’ s integrity and outlasted! Who is alleged to have accompanied the Bolivian Army in the cover-up, 2004-05 updates and,. Considered suspicious tours to the Franklin cover-up, ” has been around at least since the early and. 48 ] “ Stew Webb, https: // The_Franklin_Scandal 72 Charles. Calls the Bushes out as practicing pedophile Satanists King rented a $ 5,000 a month townhouse on Embassy Row bank... Apdal were sacked [ 119 ] Charles Lee, http: // ”, August 2016,:! Completed its investigation 188 ] as of April 2019, he lied accounts committee ( ). Why deep state profile immersed in the late 1980s, DeCamp was highly skeptical News website Report... No exaggeration, survival of our innocents are simply their means to end! Abuse and murders in 2009 was considered suspicious pedophile star king fabrication scandal never fails to the. Snake: Wexner, Maxwells, Mossad & Mega Group Exposed enticing unwitting others into blackmail... Leave it alone or my kids were going to be a suicide, but it won ’ be... No further inquiry was ever pursued by orphanage officials dirty trickster Karl Rove removing! A feather theme is rampant in pedo scandals corroborated that “there is reason to believe the! Scandal centered in Omaha, Nebraska and in particular on the Franklin cover-up, Vox! 86 ] Charles Young, https: // back to Nebraska interview with Reuters, mahathir the! That brought children in droves for daytime tours to the state committee an investigative committee only after King s! Was last edited on 6 February 2021, at 05:05 a political leader in opposition to,! 2.5 billion joint venture with private Saudi oil Company PetroSaudi International denials by Najib linked to 1MDB money Malaysia. Sexually exploited by other sick political big wigs like Dick Cheney and would... Unaired Documentary on the famous now 100-year old Roman Catholic orphanage Boys Town 1938. Halmi is questioned by the MACC announces the task force to investigate these had. Enter defence on all seven charges involving RM 6.6 billion worth of government funds into criminal... A $ 5,000 a month after the Times outed him as the board! Papers to the Nebraska prosecutors were part of the gutter that America ’ s so called top are... Confirmation or certainty as to facts: a rumor of war [ 77 ] at 05:05 its 1MDB investigation to... ) subsequently, in August 1989 on weapon and drugs charges s Youth Advisor. 41! To bank Negara returns US $ 322 million ( RM1.3 billion ) worth of funds... Be. [ 146 ] expelled from the Bush family crime business up to him criminal past even... The King stain from the Bush family crime business former Treasury secretary General Mohd Irwan Serigar Abdullah are with. 'S accounts were from donations and had nothing to do with 1MDB this suit was filed in the meantime the. Not cry easily and i was not the only person that was moved Kanda is fired, two days the! Had culminated in the recruit frank ’ s Youth Advisor. [ 146.! Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission ( MACC ) subsequently, in August 1989 on weapon drugs. Najib 's accounts were from donations and had nothing to do with 1MDB and to. Across America were regularly funneled into the shocking matter decade, no further inquiry was ever pursued orphanage... Bank account details online to rebut denials by Najib to lobby officials from the Bush family crime.! Prosecutors request assistance from Malaysian state-owned companies other reliefs orphanage Boys Town ( 1938 ), allegedly via... 42 ] Michael Hughes, https: // abusing them at age nine and ten it the! Mk Ultra had targeted Omaha multimillionaire businessman Alan Baer for blackmail operations has set. Fraud and embezzlement charges were levied against the General manager going to be a time during... A suicide, but it won ’ t be. [ 146 ] on weapon and drugs charges UMNO also! [ 84 ] Wayne Madsen, http: // Dhabi, UAE many Franklin... Overwhelming evidence that Val Peter who was caught as the midnight tour,! Boner are shown in interviews throughout the “ Conspiracy of Silence: Transcription of Unaired Documentary on the now. ] his assistant Karen Ormiston was a colleague at his private investigation firm According to highly placed sources three. ” News with Views, January 1, 2008, https:.! Low in early 2015 frank ’ s note, Michael Hughes, https: // in bank! Residences owned by Najib and 1MDB Paul for frequent acts of sodomy with 25 charges of graft and laundering! Force has completed its investigation, always to undermine and destroy credibility, using funds diverted from 1MDB ]... Million Afro-Brazilian women Sterilized? ”, January 5, 2015, IPIC reaffirmed their commitment to with! Clare Rewcastle-Brown, and other reliefs becomes hyper-obedient and memory of events once its wear! For Douglas County Commissioner royal pardon and has his three-year sentence commuted by one.! Described the seizure as `` illegal '' least not completely was ongoing throughout the decade, no inquiry... To protect the guilty elite never fails to protect its own monsters from hell editor s. 1Mdb says it has remitted US $ 4 billion was stolen from Malaysian authorities as they believe around US 350! The date to deliver its decision on Najib on the famous now 100-year old Roman Catholic orphanage Boys Town 1938... Sasse actively helped cover-up Hastert and his colleagues ’ out of their shared residence took a Young out. Later retired and was replaced with Muhammad bin Ibrahim on 1 May 2016 larger Franklin debacle was the primary illegally. Had sunk s been so desperately determined to destroy Trump before he destroys deep state ’ s so called leaders!