Get ready to feel disoriented for the rest of the day. 101 Dalmatians ($782 million) 3. Inflation rates around the world vary, complicating inflation adjustment. World map showing inflation rates in 2009. 16. Not adjusted for inflation, “Endgame” is the highest-grossing movie of all time. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs ($853 million) 2. 1. When it comes to making big money with good storytelling, there’s no denying that Disney knows what it’s doing. For this list of all-time highest-grossing movies, we looked at domestic box-office grosses adjusted for inflation to see what old movies would have made today. Here is the list of the highest-grossing films of all time not adjusted for inflation. Here are the 25 Highest Grossing Animated Films of All Time, adjusting for inflation. The 60 Highest-Grossing Movies, Adjusted for Inflation “Avengers: Endgame” was recently crowned the worldwide highest-grossing movie of all time, snapping away the title from “Avatar,” which had been king of the box office for 10 years.But that’s not taking inflation into account — after all, the American dollar of 2019 is worth about 15 cents less than the 2009 dollar. However, we are making that adjustment, and by this measure it ranks only 16th. 10 Highest Grossing Sci-Fi Films Of All Time (Adjusted For Inflation) Spielberg, Lucas or Cameron: who took the top spot? In 2016, Disney became the first studio ever to pass $7 billion in a single year. "Avengers: Endgame" became the highest-grossing film of all time on July 21, when Disney announced that the movie had pulled in $2.79 billion at the global box office. Figures are given in United States dollars (USD). Here are the 50 highest-grossing Disney movies of all time at the domestic box office, unadjusted for inflation: ... Inflation adjusted: $268,102,800. Included on the list are charts of the top box-office earners, a chart of high-grossing animated films adjusted for inflation. Inflation-adjusted box office: $1.2 billion. 38. The unadjusted list, while commonly found in the press, is therefore largely meaningless for comparing films widely separated in time, as many … But purchasing power varies widely over the time period since … But if you check what $0.23 in 1937 dollars is worth in 2018 using an inflation calculator, you get around $4. 20. Fantasia ($650 million) 5. Share. It's the highest-grossing G-rated movie of all time, it holds the inflation-adjusted record for revenue per theater, and it's the top grosser of 1994, 27% ahead of Forrest Gump. Highest-grossing animated films. And that's why there's an adjusted list that accounts for inflation and attempts to create an equal playing field. The chart below lists the highest-grossing animated films. James Cameron's eco-minded sci-fi film is the director's second in the top 20 highest-grossing films, with $876,759,300. Universal Pictures. Of course it was very sucessful and saved the Disney Studios, but it's not the kind of movie people remember from the theaters. When it comes to making big money with good storytelling, Disney knows what it’s doing. Traditionally, war films, musicals and historical dramas have been the most popular genres and Gone With the Wind held the record of highest-grossing film for 25 years but doesn’t even make it into the top fifty in the modern market. That was only $184.9 million in 1937, but inflation is a crazy thing. #1: The Lion King “Oh, I just can’t wait to be king!” Disney’s CGI reimagining of The Lion King had a royal reception at the box office in 2019, earning $543.6M domestically and $1.11B overseas for a $1.66B global total, or seventh all time.Among 2019 releases, it was the second-biggest both domestically and globally.. 1994’s original The Lion King earned $312.9M domestically and $450.6M … When adjusted for inflation, this movie’s global gross at the box office comes up to $968 million, making it the only 2D animated feature to be on this list. 2016 is the most represented year on the list, with six films. Inflation in ticket pricing makes assessing the highest-grossing movies of all time as much an exercise in math as in statistical collation. You could also argue that demand for individual movies is impacted by the increase in … Highest Grossing Movies Adjusted for Inflation by michealfeningbenham | created - 18 Jul 2013 | updated - 19 Jul 2013 | Public Complete list will be Top 200 The unadjusted list, while commonly found in the press, … After the release of Jurassic World in 2015, a new generation of Jurassic fans were eager to see this movie in theatres. ... with Disney films enjoying lucrative re-releases prior to the home video era. The highest-grossing animated movie of the 20th century is Disney’s The Lion King. Though the company first became well known in the feature world for its family fun and heartwarming animated features, in recent decades it has … Today the average ticket price is $9.14 which is what is used to calculate the inflation adjusted box office return. RELATED: Lion King TV Spot: Beyoncé & Donald Glover Sing ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight’ Although it generally fell short of many audiences expectations, the movie was among the top three highest-grossing films of the summer of 2018 (behind Avengers: Infinity War and Incredibles 2). In the true list, Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Avatar aren’t within sights of the inflation-adjusted number one spot. Take a look back at Disney's 10 highest-grossing movies of all time in this photo gallery. Gone with the Wind is the highest grossing movie of all time. Adjusted for inflation it has made 3.3 billion dollars. Domestic box office (inflation-adjusted): $518,057,648. Of course, not all of Hollywood’s successful movies follow this age-old storyline, and it can be helpful to see which broke the mold. Avengers: Endgame (2019) – USD$2.797bn; Avatar (2009) – USD$2.790bn; Titanic (1997) – USD$2.194bn Highest Grossing Movies Adjusted for Inflation. Gone with the Wind was released in 1939 and its initial run lasted until 1943. Disney also enjoyed later success with films such as ... Highest-grossing films adjusted for inflation. Because of the long-term effects of inflation, notably the significant increase of movie theater ticket prices, the list unadjusted for inflation gives far more weight to later films. Adjusted for inflation it has made 3.3 billion dollars. Return of the Jedi (1983). Disney also enjoyed later success with its Pixar brand, of which the Toy Story films, the Finding Nemo films, and Inside Out have been the best performers; beyond Pixar, the Shrek, Ice Age, Madagascar … Many films that were released during the 20th century do not appear on this list as figures have not been adjusted for inflation. Stacker used data from The Numbers to rank the top 50 highest-grossing movies of all time at the domestic box office (adjusted for inflation) so you could take a look for yourself. Jungle Book ($576 million) 6. 88% of the films in the top 50 were released after 2000. The Lion King ($697 million) 4. This Disney favorite by Disney/Pixar blew its competition out of the water: It was the second-highest grossing film of 2003, the year it was released, and the highest-grossing animated film at the time. Disney's most popular princess didn't make it to the podium of the highest-grossing movies. The 20 Highest Grossing Disney Movies Ever. Snow White may have only had seven dwarfs, but Disney picked up nearly $1 billion in adjusted ticket sales. However, back in 1950, it outgrossed Snow White and remained as the top-grossing animated movie until Lady and the Tramp (1955, not inflation-adjusted). Some of the older films that feature prominently above are no longer the high-earners, instead, the list of highest-grossing films is undeniably Marvel-skewed. Shrek 2 … Tweet. Jaws (1975). Highest-grossing films adjusted for inflation. Top-Grossing Movies 1995-2020, Adjusted for Ticket Price Inflation Surely ticket prices outpacing economic growth by 2x would impact demand and total tickets sold. Adjusted for inflation, however, here are the biggest ever Christmas movies in the U.S., including two Grinches, two Home Alones, and a lot of snow. Box Office Records > Worldwide > All Movies > Theatrical Distributors > Top Walt Disney Worldwide All Time Worldwide Box Office for Walt Disney Movies See also: Top Walt Disney Domestic - Top Walt Disney International Other Worldwide Theatrical Distributors records: Top Warner Bros. Worldwide - Top Universal Worldwide - Top Sony Pictures Worldwide - Top 20th Century Fox Worldwide - Top … "Brave" (2012) "Brave." Unadjusted box office: $260 million. Somehow (hint: the brief return of the 3-D movie fad) “Avatar” became incredibly successful, even taking over the title of the highest-grossing movie ever (not adjusted for inflation). International box office (inflation-adjusted): $756,809,511. Because of the long-term effects of inflation, notably the significant increase of movie theater ticket prices, the list unadjusted for inflation gives far more weight to later films. May 16, 2013 by Tim McMahon 2 Comments. The film also had a larger budget than its predecessor and even had five … Sleeping Beauty ($569 million) 7.